The School of Design & Technology

The School of Design and Technology at Becker College offers undergraduate majors and minors in Applied Computer Science, Business, Data Science, Design, Game Design, and Math. You gain the opportunity to hone the practical skills to enter these high-growth fields, enriched with the ability to continue to adapt and maintain a successful career in a rapidly changing industry.


Bachelor of Science Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Becker College thinks differently about teaching business. Students learn to create value for themselves and their future employers through internships, industry-focused faculty, and relevant course work. A business degree from Becker prepares graduates for sustainable careers that can adapt to meet the needs of today’s society while fostering the ability to be nimble and responsive to opportunities that have not yet been identified. Social business is an important priority, and you will learn not just how to work in your field – but to be the change your world needs.

Computer Science

Bachelor of Science Applied Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science

An applied computer scientist works in fields related to the creation and management of software, big data, analytics, computing, and structure of information systems. In an age of data and information-driven economies, computing skills are critical to success in almost all fields of endeavor, as they embody the principles of logic, mathematics, and critical thinking. The applied nature of this program is offered by industry-focused faculty, relevant course work, and supported through internships in local and regional industry.


Bachelor of Arts Design & Interactive Media Design

Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design is a radical, groundbreaking, and nationally-ranked program that prepares leaders for the $100 billion interactive media industry. Students benefit from MassDiGi @ Becker, an industry/education partnership that drives entrepreneurship, academic collaboration, and economic improvement in the Commonwealth’s digital and video game industries. Strong consumer demand for video games and other interactive media in most sectors creates robust career opportunities not only in what is traditionally referred to as “game design,” but also in the related areas of data translation and user experience.

Choose from one of four concentrations of study:

  • Game Art
  • Game Design
  • Game Programming
  • Game Production and Management
  • Development

Bachelor of Arts / Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media Design 4+1

Students enrolled in the 4+1 program will earn both their BA and MFA in five years. They will complete core game requirements during their first three years of undergraduate study with the fourth year being a bridge year into the graduate program. In the fifth and final year of study students will complete their graduate work and thesis projects

Bachelor of Arts in Design

This innovative program in Integrated Graphic Design builds upon a traditional graphic design curriculum by incorporating marketing, advertising, web design, and media concepts in a true studio environment so that our graduates have more options to design their future. Students explore all the areas of visual communications as they work with real clients both independently and on teams so that they develop a deep understanding of the principles, technology, and skills needed in today’s world. Our students also learn strategies for marketing themselves, interacting with clients, hands-on job skills, and how to future-proof themselves.


Minor Math

Minor in Math

The Becker College Mathematics Department provides an educational experience that helps students prepare for successful roles in an ever-changing society. The department offers a minor in mathematics to enhance success in quantitative fields such as data science, computer science, design, and business. The applied approach to mathematics makes Becker College’s program stand out. Math courses are designed to help students master the mathematical skills and basic mathematical structures necessary to apply and interpret life experiences through critical analysis, thoughtful synthesis, logical deduction, and insightful problem-solving.

Why study design and technology at Becker?

Becker is a powerhouse in technology, giving you access to one of the top Game Design educations in the country, according to the Princeton Review. You can choose to major in one of the five programs with minors in complementary departments that give you an expansive and flexible skill set. For example, if you want to start your own company, you can major in Applied Computer Science and add minors in Game Design and Business. The curriculum will prepare you to flourish in a rapidly changing world with a strong entrepreneurial outlook and the ability to continuously rebrand yourself as your job and career path change in the future. At Becker College, you will prepare for a lifetime of opportunity without limits.

What’s New in the School of Design & Technology

Becker College is internationally known for its game design program, thanks in part to its consistent ranking on The Princeton Review list of “Top 50 Undergrad Schools to Study Game Design.” Becker is at #5 for its eighth consecutive year on the list, released on March 21 by the test prep and college admission services company. Becker rose to #5 in 2016.

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