Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Psychology program provides students with broad exposure to various subfields within the discipline and allows for a concentration in Mental Health Counseling, Applied Behavior Analysis, Addictions Counseling, or Pre-Med/Health Sciences.

An accelerated B.A. to M.A. program affords Becker College undergraduate students an opportunity to gain conditional acceptance into the Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling program as early as the summer before their senior year. Upon graduation, including a successful completion of all B.A. to M.A. requirements, this accelerated student will be awarded unconditional acceptance into the graduate program, and will require 1.5 years to complete the Master of Arts degree curriculum. Refer to the Division of Graduate Studies section.

This sample curriculum sequence illustrates how a student might progress through the traditional undergraduate program. Course sequencing may vary as long as prerequisites are met.

Psychology Core Courses: 34 credits
PSYC1001 Into to Psychology 3
PSYC2105 Social Psychology 3
PSYC2001 Psychology of Adjustment 3
PSYC1002 Development Child Psychology OR PSYC1007 Human and Growth Development 3
PSYC2002 Psychology of Personality 3
PSYC2014 Writing for Psychology 3
PSYC2603 Brain and Behavior 3
PSYC3400 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYC2107 Experimental Psychology 3
PSYC4005 Research Methods and Labs 4
PSYC4600 Senior Seminar 3
Other Program Requirements: 7 credits
SOCI1001 Intro to Sociology 3
Science with lab elective (BIOL2503 recommended 4
General Education: 40 credits
CORE1001 Managing Transistions 3
CORE-ENGL The New Normal  3
CORE3100 Developing and Entrepreneurial Mindset 3
ENGL1003 Writing about Literature 3
Math Elective (NOTE: Statistics is a pre-requisite to PSYC4005, which is required; students should plan accordingly). 3
Science with lab elective (NOTE: BIOL2504 is recommended 4
2 Fine Arts and Humanities electives 6
2 Behavioral or Social Science electives 6
3 General education electives (NOTE: ENGL2003 Public Speaking is highly recommended)
Electives: 39 credits
4 PSYC electives 12
9 Open electives 27
Total Credits: 120