School of Graduate and Professional Studies Admissions

Admission into the School of Graduate and Professional Studies occurs all year long. If you need more information or assistance during the admissions process you can contact your admissions counselor.

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Welcome to the Becker College School of Graduate and Professional Studies.  Our adult learners come from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds which helps to foster a unique academic setting in the classroom. In an ever-evolving workforce a degree from Becker College will allow you to excel professionally by learning critical thinking skills that are applicable to all careers.

Students at Becker understand the importance of education and share a special zest and level of excitement because they are starting new chapters in their lives and realize that their dream of obtaining a degree will soon become a reality.

Meet the Assistant Directors of Admissions

The admissions counselors in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies are great resources for you.  While you are deciding if one of our programs is a good fit for you, they are there to answer your questions and meet with you one-on-one.  Once you meet with your admissions counselor, they can assist you with the application process and help you transition to your academic advisor.