Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Pre-Med / Health Studies Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Pre-Med concentration provides students with a strong science background as well as the agile mindset earned from a balanced liberal education. A Harvard Medical School study reports that “…students are successful in their medical studies regardless of undergraduate concentration, providing that they have had adequate science preparation.” Psychology majors constitute the second-largest major of students in medical school and those interested in health-related professions. This background of study holds particular value for those pre-med students who are interested in psychiatry, pediatrics, or behavioral medicine.

According to the American Medical Association, medical education is evolving with an eye on the future, and growing numbers of students are applying to medical schools. Students are entering medical school from more diverse backgrounds and with more volunteer hours and research experience.

The Pre-Med curriculum at Becker includes the science preparation needed to favorably position graduates for further medical studies as well as a broad understanding of human behavior and mental processes, and an introductory appreciation for comparative psychological studies.

In addition to the science requirements, the Pre-Med curriculum emphasizes community service and courses that focus on the mind-body connection and health.

Medical schools look for students that display six core competencies*:

  1. The diligence and intellectual capacity to succeed in an intense medical school
  2. curriculum and board examinations.
  3. An understanding of the physician’s role in healthcare and the physician-patient
  4. relationship.
  5. The ability to communicate effectively and compassionately.
  6. Good moral character.
  7. An understanding of hypothesis-driven research.
  8. The ability to lead and innovate.

*US News & World Report Medical School Research rankings

Students will gain experience in their selected professional fields as part of an internship or practicum. Student work is evaluated through a process that includes research papers, student projects, presentations, a Senior Seminar, and portfolio.

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Learning Outcomes:

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Pre-Med concentration will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Aptitude in the biological and physical sciences;
  2. Knowledge of healthcare trends and ways to maintain healthy lifestyles;
  3. Interpersonal communication skills; and
  4. Knowledge of research methods using human subjects.

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