Anna TitovaAnna Titova Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Mathematics
Division: General Education
Office Location: Fleming Hall, #25
Phone: 508.373.9776

Educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, and at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), where she earned her master’s and doctoral degrees, Anna Titova specializes in undergraduate teaching and learning of mathematics. Dr. Titova’s previous research on how students learn abstract ideas, her experience as an adjunct faculty member at Pine Manor College, in Brookline, Massachusetts, and as a graduate teaching assistant at UNH, led to her original appointment as assistant professor of mathematics at Becker. When Dr. Titova first arrived at the College, she drew on her experience with calculus for life sciences to review the freshman math sequence and its articulation within the sciences. She reviewed the suitability and efficacy of Becker’s current testing system in placing entering freshmen in the appropriate math courses. Standardizing instruction methods and content, especially in the foundations math course, Dr. Titova established appropriate boundaries between the freshman-level courses.

She also devised diagnostic examinations that isolated specific conceptual problems in teaching and learning mathematics and aggressively pursued means for systematically assessing student learning in accordance with accreditation standards. To reinforce the math-science connection, Dr. Titova also conducted a review of course content in terms of mathematical preparedness for natural science courses such as chemistry. Dr. Titova is the chair of the Math Department at Becker.


My research interests are spread around cognitive psychology aspects of learning. My dissertational research was aimed to understand how students make sense of Abstract Algebra concepts in content of Group theory (undergraduate course). At this moment I am looking forward to expending my findings on other areas on Math, such as Developmental Math and other traditional math courses.

Another aspect of my research at this moment is to develop an assessment tool in order to be able to understand Becker students’ learning outcomes.

Other Information

I enjoy teaching. It is so interesting to see how a student learns a new concept, how he or she applies it. I believe I know how to explain math. I am aware that there are many different learning types and trying to use an individual approach to every student. I am always looking forward to working with motivated, learning oriented students. I am learning a lot from my students too – from their life and cultural experiences. We have a great community here at Becker. Everyone – students, faculty, staff – are being very opened and understanding. I think we all built an excellent, supportive community at Becker.