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Exploratory First Year Program

The Exploratory First Year Program is an option students can choose if they are uncertain about what they want to major in when they start at the College. Students who engage in this program are block scheduled into a two-semester course (fall and spring), which helps them explore the industries represented in eight of the majors that Becker College offers degrees in. Students get instruction from faculty in each major, a student speaker from each major, an industry guest speaker from each discipline, as well as exposure to career paths in each industry. In addition students in this program get the benefit of advising by College staff, and support from a peer mentor.

Should a student be able to determine a major during their first semester, they may begin course work in that major during their second semester. Or, they can lean more by continuing through a second exploratory semester. By focusing on core class requirements while going through the exploratory exercises, students stay on track for graduation because at Becker College we think it is okay to take a little time to decide what you want to major in.

Exploratory First Year Curriculum


Exploratory Program Electives

Majors Offered: BS Business, BS Sports Management, BS Exercise Science, BA Early Childhood and Youth Education, BA Liberal Arts, BA Global Citizenship, BA Psychology, BS in Biology, BS in Applied Computer Science, and BS Criminal Justice.     


PLEASE NOTE: this option is NOT available for those who want to major in Nursing, Veterinary Science, or Interactive Media/Game Design.