Criminal Justice
Arielle Burdulis '11, Forensic Science and Crime Scene Processing concentration
Melvin Booker '14, Criminal Justice

Melvin Booker '14, Criminal Justice

Becker College has taught Melvin to ask himself valuable questions: What’s expected of me and how am I meeting those expectations?

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Esmeralda Taraj '11, Legal Studies

Esmeralda Taraj '11, Legal Studies

“It’s great when you love waking up for an 8 a.m. class.”

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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Maintaining and assuring our communities are safe depends upon those who are dedicated to careers in criminal justice and legal professions. These individuals have strong problem-solving skills, a passion for serving others, and a desire to make our society better.

Becker College offers the following bachelor degrees and programs in criminal justice and pre-law.

These programs focus on the structural and theoretical facets of the American justice system. Each concentration is designed to prepare students to step into significant professional careers in the fields of criminal justice and law.

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  • Criminal Justice Curriculum and Other Concentrations

    See the above links to view the curriculum for each degree in Becker College’s Criminal Justice program above: B.S. in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science/Crime Scene Processing Concentration, Homeland Security Concentration, and Pre-Law/Legal Studies Concentration.

  • Meet the faculty

    Our faculty and staff are focused on fulfilling the mission of Becker College and delivering to each student personal attention, academic excellence, and a vibrant campus experience.

    Learn more about the criminal justice faculty and staff