The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

A college education that will serve you throughout your life does more than develop technical skills – it fosters the ability to learn, reinvent yourself, and to solve some of the world’s weightiest problems. Courses within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences will teach you how to think creatively and critically, to reason, and to ask questions. These uniquely human attributes can never be replicated by artificial intelligence or machines, and they will ensure your ability to create value and find success in a rapidly changing world. Companies and organizations that want to stay globally competitive realize they need employees who can collaborate as team members and who are multi-disciplinary, creative thinkers. Humanities and Social Sciences coursework prepares you to meet these needs by challenging you to develop problem-solving skills and to gain insights from a variety of sources.


Agile Mindset

Agile Mindset

At Becker, preparing students appropriately for the future of work means cultivating adaptive learners with Agile Mindsets who can leverage the uniquely human skills of empathy, divergent thinking, an entrepreneurial outlook, and social and emotional intelligence to adapt and thrive in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The Agile Mindset is the academic foundation that equips students to navigate change and create new value in the hyper-connected, automated world of the 21st century.

While we believe that the Agile Mindset is the academic model to future-proof students, we also integrate the Agile Mindset outside of the classroom. By infusing the Agile Mindset into the fabric of our institutional culture, we engage and empower each and every member of the Becker community and thus create a compelling advantage that cannot be replicated in higher education.

Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice

Maintaining and assuring our communities are safe depends upon those who are dedicated to careers in criminal justice and legal professions. These individuals have strong problem-solving skills, a passion for serving others, and a desire to make our society better.

Becker College offers the following bachelor degrees and programs in criminal justice and pre-law.

These programs focus on the structural and theoretical facets of the American justice system. Each concentration is designed to prepare students to step into significant professional careers in the fields of criminal justice and law.


Early Childhood and Youth Education

Bachelor of Arts Early Childhood and Youth Education

There is an increased demand for college-educated child specialists. The number of employment opportunities for workers with specialized knowledge of early childhood and youth care and education in southern New England is projected to grow by 14.2% with a high demand in the Boston, Providence, and Worcester areas.

The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Youth Education will enable students to prepare for growing career opportunities with young children from infancy to age 14 and out-of-school time. Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care has developed a system based on the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be effective in working with children and youth. The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC) defines these skills as, “the range of knowledge and observable skills that adults working with young children need to facilitate child learning and development, linked to early learning guidelines.”

Exploratory First Year

Exploratory First Year

The Exploratory First Year Program is an option students can choose if they are uncertain about what they want to major in when they start at the College. Students who engage in this program are block scheduled into a two-semester course (fall and spring), which helps them explore the industries represented in eight of the majors that Becker College offers degrees in. Students get instruction from faculty in each major, a student speaker from each major, an industry guest speaker from each discipline, as well as exposure to career paths in each industry. In addition students in this program get the benefit of advising by College staff, and support from a peer mentor.

Should a student be able to determine a major during their first semester, they may begin course work in that major during their second semester. Or, they can lean more by continuing through a second exploratory semester. By focusing on core class requirements while going through the exploratory exercises, students stay on track for graduation because at Becker College we think it is okay to take a little time to decide what you want to major in.


Forensic Science

Bachelor of Science Forensic Science

Forensic evidence is a critical component of any criminal investigation, particularly in determining guilt or innocence in a court of law. The demand for forensic technicians and specialists is expected to increase by 20 percent during the next several years.

The Becker College Forensic Science major requires a keen eye for detail, a strong background in science, and a professional interest in partnering with law enforcement agencies to fight crime. Designed specifically for students who are interested in the technical aspects of evidence gathering and analysis, the Forensic Science major focuses on the basic and advanced sciences required for examining and processing crime scene data and evidence.


Integrated Studies

Bachelor of Science Integrated Studies


Legal Studies

Bachelor of Science Legal Studies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010-2020 with work opportunities in a wide range of specializations such as environmental, tax, intellectual property, family, securities, litigation, and education.

The Pre-Law/Legal Studies concentration is designed to make it possible for students from diverse backgrounds to enter the legal profession.  Students are generally successful in law school when their undergraduate major focuses on the development of reading, writing, critical thinking, reasoning, analytical skills, and human experience. Students prepare for future studies related to a career in a legal setting, including work in a private practice or in large corporations, higher education, and administration. The skills developed in the classroom will provide students with options to continue their education in law school or for placement in law enforcement, legal and juvenile justice, victims’ services, community-/institutional-based corrections areas, federal-, state-, and local-level criminal justice and administrative agencies, corrections, and public and private security. Open electives provide flexibility and allow students to explore individual interests.

Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

Studying liberal arts is one effective way to prepare for engaging in an ever-evolving and ever-changing world. The liberal arts programs provide you with balanced exposure to major achievements in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. In-depth study of a particular area of interest will prepare you for specialized graduate work in law, government, humanities, social services or administration, journalism, communication, public policy/organization, and secondary and undergraduate education.


Bachelor of Arts Psychology

The Becker College psychology concentrations are designed to prepare students for a wide range of professions in schools, agencies, institutions, and businesses, as well as for graduate study.  The Becker College programs are focused on helping students develop the necessary critical thinking skills that can be applied to key psychological principles in diverse work and life settings.

A balanced exposure to the major achievements in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences are provided in the liberal arts program. Learning is one of the best investments students can make for their future. By engaging in a wide variety of courses, students are able to study what they love and to develop and strengthen their passion. A solid grounding in the arts and sciences can lead to success in widely divergent careers as well as graduate school study.

Why earn a degree in liberal arts, global citizenship, or education at Becker?

The coursework in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences complements your professional studies to prepare you with a deep understanding of the working world. It is an essential part of the transformational experience that you find at Becker. Each course builds a foundation that prepares you to be an adaptable problem solver – one who can grapple with the challenges of a diverse and changing world. With this foundation, you can enter the workforce with such skills as critical thinking, an empathetic understanding of multiple perspectives, and clear, effective communication. Criminal Justice, Early Childhood and Youth Education, Legal Studies, Liberal arts, Psychology, and Global Citizenship (the first program of its kind in the country) are degrees without borders. Our graduates can apply what they know to the broadest range of industries and are equipped with a flexible set of skills that allow them to achieve immediate success in companies in the new economy and to translate those skills in the future to fields that do not yet exist. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences strives to develop responsible, aware, and informed citizens who are dedicated to improving the lives of those in their own country and in the global community.

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