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Minor in Animal Behavior

Minor in Animal Behavior (please note, PSYC 1001 and either BIOL 1001/1002, BIOL 1005/1006 or BIOL 2503/2504 are minimum prerequisites for this minor.  Some course options have additional prerequisites which must be met if those courses are selected).

Take the following two courses:

PSYC 2603 Brain and Behavior
ANSC 3100 Animals in Society

Students are required to take 12 credits from the following:

ANSC 2200 Canine Behavior and Training
ANSC 2202 Domestic Animal Behavior
ANSC 3301 The Human and Animal Bond
BIOL3201 Primatology
EQST3100 Equine Behavior
PSCY3605 Zoobiquity Theory
VTSC3200 Clinical Animal Behavior

4900 level 200 hour focused Externship approved by Minor Advisor and School of Animal Studies Externship Coordinator

Minor in Biology

Take up to three courses from group one, and three or more courses from group two, with a minimum of six courses and 18 credits:

Group One

ANSC2000 Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science
ANSC2401 Animal Nutrition
ANSC2403 Equine Nutrition
ANSC2501 Animal Breeding
ANSC2701 Equine Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL2502 Microbiology
BIOL2503 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL2504 Anatomy and Physiology II
EXSC2205 Structural Kinesiology
FORE2001 Introduction to Forensics
FORE2002 Collection/Preservation of Evidence
PSYC2603 Brain and Behavior
VTSC1101 Clinical Veterinary Experience I
VTSC1102 Clinical Veterinary Experience II
VTSC2101 Veterinary Hematology
VTSC2102 Clinical Pathology

Group Two

ANSC3100 Animals in Society
ANSC3503 Equine Reproduction and Breeding Management
ANSC4700 The World of Research
BIOL3001 Cell Biology
BIOL3100 Developmental Biology
BIOL3201 Primatology
BIOL3200 Biostatistics
BIOL3500 Genetics
BIOL3520 Genomics
BIOL4200 Biotechniques



Internship I


Internship II 

CHEM3003 Biochemistry
EQST3701 Equine Biomechanics and Conformation
EQST4201 Equine Pathology and Diseases
EXSC3105 Nutrition
EXSC3300 Exercise Physiology
EXSC3500 Human Sexuality
VTSC3100 Laboratory Animal Management
VTSC3400 Immunology
VTSC4102 Laboratory Animal Diseases

Reminder: A student may not enroll in a minor which requires fewer than FOUR courses not already specifically required for the degree program pursued by the student. Students need to plan their minor carefully, in consultation with their advisor, particularly when their major is in the sciences.

Minor in Equine Studies

EQST 1601 (Foundations in Equine Care) is a pre-requisite for several courses in this minor.

Take the following Course:

ANSC2701 Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Take two from Group A, and three from Group B; or, take one from Group A and four from Group B

Group A:

ANSC2403 Equine Nutrition
EQST2001 Principles of Riding Instruction I
EQST2002 Principles of Riding Instruction II
EQST2200 Equine Industry and the Law
EQST2801 Fundamentals of Farm and Stable Management

Group B:

ANSC3503 Equine Reproduction and Breeding Management
EQST3001 Principles of Riding Instruction III
EQST3100 Equine Behavior
EQST3200 Basic Training Methods
EQST3701 Equine Biomechanics and Conformation
EQST4200 Training Under Saddle
EQST4201 Equine Pathology and Diseases
EQST4500 Equine Facilities Management

For a total of SIX courses

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