Susan WhiteheadSusan M. Nava-Whitehead, Ph.D.

Professor of Science and Education
Phone: 508.373.9749

Susan M. Nava-Whitehead is a professor in science and education at Becker College. She joined the Becker community in 2002 after receiving her Ph.D. from Boston College. Prior to Becker, Susan served many years as associate director for Nature’s Classroom Environmental Education program. During her time with Nature’s Classroom she had a vast range of responsibilities; but, one of her most fulfilling was that of teacher education and she had opportunities to work as an educational consultant both at home and abroad. She particularly enjoyed her experiences in adventure-based programming and leadership; it illuminated for her the concept that education occurs across and within many environments. In 2007, Susan was invited to participate in a “by invitation” workshop with the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, which was the final catalyst for her current educational direction, integrated learning. In collaboration with Dr. Joan-Beth Gow of Anna Maria College and Dr. Kerri Augusto of Becker College, Susan has published case studies along with extensive teaching notes which utilize the integrative methodology. The team has presented their work at NEFDC Conference, NCCSTS’ Fall Conference and at The Teaching Professor Conference.