01 Stella Richard 120 x 180Stella Marie Richard, A.A.S., B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Veterinary Science and Outreach Liaison
Division: Animal Studies
Office Location: Borger Academic Center – Room 212
Phone: 774.354.0687
Fax: 508.892.1432
E-mail: stella.richard@becker.edu

In 1994, following her studies at Arizona State University, Dr. Richard joined Becker College as a professor of veterinary science. Well-versed in the field of animal science, she has taught many courses in the veterinary technology, veterinary sciences and animal care programs. She also acts as the outreach liaison, assisting students in finding externship and preceptorship sites and supervises them while they are involved in off-campus experiences.

Her interests in the animal sciences are broad, enjoying all types of animals and their relationships with biology, diseases, and behaviors. It is her belief that from fish to primates, all animals play an important role in better understanding ourselves and the world around us.

While at Becker, Richard also earned her master’s degree in education from Assumption College and her doctorate in biology from Clark University.

Courses Taught

  • (ACAD 1001) First Year Experience
  • (BIOL 1001/1002)  Biology I-II Lab
  • (ANSC 1101)  Animal Health and Structure
  • (BIOL 1005) Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology I
  • (VTSC 111 & 112)  Clinical Exp. I & II and Labs
  • (VTSC 2101) Hematology and Labs
  • (VTSC 2102)  Clinical Pathology and Labs
  • (ANSC 2201)  Animal Breeding
  • (VTSC  2201)  Farm Animal Lab
  • (VTSC 2500)  Surgery Lab
  • (AS 252)  Sophomore Seminar2000
  • (BIOL 2503 & 2504)  Anatomy/Physiology I & II
  • (VTSC 2900)  Career Internship
  • (VTSC 3100)  Laboratory Animal Management
  • (BIOL 3201)  Primatology
  • (VTSC 4500) Veterinary Science Senior Seminar
  • (VTSC 4901-4903) Precept. Module Opt. I & II

Sample Publications

“A Role for Intermediate Filaments in the Establishment of the Primitive Epithelia in mammalian Embryogenesis,” Mechanisms of Development, 53: 1-17. (1995)

“Protein Kinase C, as a Pivotal Regulator of Hampster Egg Activation Functions After Elevation of Intracellular Free Calcium,” Developmental Biology, 156: 94-106. (1993)

“Veterinary Technician,” Congestive Heart Failure, 10: 583-589. (1989)

Sample Presentations

Schistocephalus solidus, a Pseudophyllian Cestode, and Its Effects on the Chromatophores of the Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus), Poster Presentation, New England Parasitologists, October 2008.

Careers in the Veterinary Sciences, Presentation and Roundtable Discussion, Tufts Animal Expo, October 2000.

Reptilian and Avian Hematology, Continuing Education Seminar with Greg Mertz, DVM, April 1997.