Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media Admission Requirements

Prospective MFA students must submit an application for graduate admission along with a portfolio.  In addition to the completed application, additional admission requirements include the following:
  • Official college transcript
  • Completion of your certification form
  • Portfolio materials (see below for details)
  • Personal statement outlining your career goals and why you wish to join our program (500-800 words)

Applicants must present a bachelor's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA from an accredited college or university.  Accepted undergraduate degrees will include any of the “feeder” disciplines necessary for interactive property development (e.g. Interactive Media Programming, Interactive Media Design, Interactive Media Production, Interactive Media Art). These include computer science and engineering, interactive media/game design, digital art, business management, writing or music/audio development for interactive media.

Entrance to the program is determined via review of a full application. Detailed attention will be given to portfolio materials. Department faculty will conduct the application and portfolio
review. Students pursuing the Master of Fine Arts degree must satisfy all Graduate School requirements in addition to specific departmental requirements.

Portfolio materials must be submitted electronically to  Portfolios will be reviewed using the following guidelines:

  • Portfolios should be digital and submitted on-line via a link to a personal webpage.
  • Applicant portfolios should include 10-20 pieces of traditional and/or digital works of visual art or design pieces.
  • Submissions may include drawing, painting, photography, digital paintings, 3D models, animations, demo reels, 2D assets, working apps or games, design documents, webpages, motion graphics, etc.
  • Portfolio pieces may represent classroom assignments as well as independent projects.
  • The portfolio should be purposeful, demonstrate originality of concept, visual literacy, and an understanding of current industry standard software.
  • Portfolios are reviewed on the following qualitative measures: aesthetic awareness,
    composition, design, color usage, spatial perception, quality of presentation, technique, and originality.
  • Favorable consideration is given to original designs that show a strong understanding of 2D and 3D art pipelines demonstrated by fully rendered pieces and functional polished apps or games.

MFA candidates must be enrolled as full-time students in all semesters and must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

This program is designed for: recent interactive media graduates seeking to enhance their portfolios or who are interested in a career in higher education; early career interactive media professional seeking career advancement; mid-career computer and/or design professionals interested in changing careers; and Becker College interactive media undergraduate students.

The MFA program has been designed as an experiential experience for students with the following features:

  • The MFA student works with talented and experienced game design artists and developers;
  • The MFA student develops valuable networking relationships with industry professionals;
  • The MFA student has the opportunity to work on and create publishable interactive media properties;
  • The MFA student strengthens existing skill sets in order to advance in a current interactive media position or switch to the interactive media field from a related area;
  • The MFA student works with a faculty advisor/industry mentor;
  • The MFA student can take on role of product owner/art director for an interactive media experience (game or app) which is developed in the undergraduate Game Studio or Live Studio classes to produce a fully realized artistic experience, and,
  • The MFA student focus is on the development of leadership and production skill sets within the interactive media development pipeline.

The 60-credit Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media offers two enrollment options:

Combined five-year BA/MFA in Interactive Media:  Students who complete their BA in Interactive Media may easily complete an MFA degree by adding a fifth year of study.  The student completes his/her BA in Interactive Media as usual in their fourth year (bridge year) of study, with 30 of their credits earned in the senior year also counting toward the completion of the MFA. The 30 credits completed in the senior year must be advanced graduate course work. More information about the 4+1 (Game+) program can be found here.
Two-year MFA in Interactive Media:  The external student MFA plan is structured to include four semesters of graduate work plus two week-long summer residencies and two week-long winter residencies

For more information about applying for enrollment in the Master of Fine Arts program, call 877.523.2537 or email

Official college transcripts can be mailed to:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Becker College
61 Sever Street
Worcester, MA   01609

Official transcripts can also be emailed directly to the College at Official college transcripts showing proof of graduation will be required before students can begin classes. Applications will be reviewed by the graduate admissions committee upon receipt of all documents.

Applications can also be submitted via PDF here.