Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media

This rigorous 60-credit program is intended to prepare students for careers in the highly competitive and ever-changing field of game design. The cornerstone of the MFA program is Advanced Game Studio work, in which the student, under the direction of experienced mentors, completes an original interactive media project based on their own personal skill sets and vision. The MFA program may be completed in two years plus two summers for external students with relevant BS/BA degrees, or in four years, plus an additional (fifth) year for undergraduate students already enrolled in Becker College’s undergraduate Interactive Media degree program.

Courses will begin in the fall of 2018 with limited enrollment and will be offered in a classroom setting, online or a hybrid of the two.

MFA candidates will:

  1. Successfully complete four semesters of MFA academic courses and studio work including two virtual residencies and two standard summer residencies; 48 credits of studio work, combined with 12 credits of academic work.
  2. Complete a thesis project that demonstrates the students’ understanding of both the technical and aesthetic perspectives of their chosen area of study within the context of the interactive media/video game medium. Students must also demonstrate their ability to carry on a sustained, professional-level project, completely realized in time for a thesis presentation during their final summer residency.
  3. Participate in at least two summer residency gallery exhibitions and two virtual student gallery presentations

Graduates of the Becker College MFA in Interactive Media will be prepared to take leadership roles within the interactive media industry by having mastered these:

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • The technological tools, theory and practice associated with their chosen area of interest;
  • The development of interactive media and UI/UX for both purpose and appeal;
  • The critical evaluation of aesthetics, consequences, and value of visual assets and elements.;
  • How to create, maintain and effectively present an industry-standard portfolio;
  • How to apply empathy, divergent thinking, an entrepreneurial outlook, and social and emotional intelligence across a broad spectrum of professional activities within the discipline;
  • How to manage interactive media projects and teams by schedule, resource and objective;
  • How to work and lead effectively in a team-based, production environment;
  • The development and presentation of ideas in spoken, written and visually compelling ways;
  • The importance of data analytics and user experience in the development of interactive media;
  • Project management through teamwork environment in group projects, and internship experiences.

Becker College has been called “a destination for game designers” by U.S. News and World Report. Becker College, home of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), has been consistently ranked by The Princeton Review for the past six years as a top undergraduate school to study game design–#5 in the world in 2016; our game design and game development and programming majors are among the most innovative and best in the nation.

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