General Resources

There are many things that teachers need to know nowadays when it comes to technology and teaching. Whether it be entering grades, communicating with students via email, teaching an online course, or using technology to enhance your student's learning experience, technology is now an integral part of the education process – along with our lives as a whole. Below you will find a list of resources for both faculty and students to help with technological needs.

A bit about Canvas
Here is a link to minimum system requirements for Canvas. Canvas works best on the most updated version of your web browser, and issues within Canvas may arise if your browser is out of date.

For Faculty

Canvas Guides
Here you can find help topics straight from the Canvas Development Team! You can search help topics for both students or professors to find info on how to do whatever you may need within Canvas.

GradeBook Setup
Do you need to set up your Gradebook in Canvas? Do you want Canvas to do all of the math for averages and calculate grades? Do you want your students to see their standing in your course in an easily digestible format? This is the link for you!

Creating Rubrics
Rubrics can make the grading process easier, and can help students understand how you go about grading a particular assignment. Here is where you can find out how to create rubrics, and implement them into your Canvas assignments.

Syllabus Setup
Linked is a quick video showing how to quickly and easily set up your syllabus. This will allow students to either download your syllabus to their computer to print out, or view it within a browser.

Starfish (Faculty)
Attached is a brief overview document about the usage of Starfish for Faculty.

For Students

View My Grades
Canvas helps keep a concise record of your progress in a course. Here is a guide to show you how to view your grades, and any comments your professor may have left on an assignment you submitted online.
Starfish (Student) Attached is a brief overview document about the usage of Starfish for Students.

Here is a brief video showing the creation of ePortfolios within Canvas. An ePortfolio is a great way to bring your work with you after you've graduated from Becker.


Accessibility for All Students This presentation covers best practices for accessibility through Universal Design for Learning (UDL).