Upcoming Workshops


The TLT is pleased to announce the Teaching with Technology workshops for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please review the schedule and workshop descriptions below and register for each workshop that you will attend. Please be sure to register no later than 48 hours before each workshop. Workshops with low registrations may be cancelled.

The workshops will be held on the Worcester campus, in the Center for Global Citizenship, unless otherwise noted.

Teaching, Learning & Technology Workshop Registration

  • • Tools to create an inclusive classroom from the start – negotiate working agreements that set the stage for meaningful dialogue.
    • How to recognize when a classroom discussion becomes “difficult” for students and/or themselves – get tools and approaches to de-escalate triggered reactions and promote engaged conversation.
    • Criteria to decide whether to engage in difficult conversations in the moment or table for a future setting.
    • Techniques to revisit classroom situations that did not further learning or group development so that everyone can learn how to do better the next time.

  • • Apply a solid copyright framework on campus – avoid a lawsuit!
    • Take advantage of key exceptions, including fair use, that permit the use of copyrighted materials in education – know what you can do, because the law actually allows more than you might think.
    • Explain the key differences between online and offline uses of copyrighted materials – give your campus members tools they can use.
    • View copyright uncertainties from a risk management perspective – be able to successfully manage the challenges before mistakes are made. 

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