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The Becker College Libraries subscribe to a number of online journals and have access to others that are open access. Journals are listed by title and subject discipline. Click on the name of the journal to search current and previous issues and retrieve full text articles. Open access journals are indicated by the icon.

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» Animal Science
» Business
» Criminal Justice
» Education
» Game Design
» Graphic Design
» Health Science
» Library Science
» Science
» Social Science (psychology, philosophy, history)

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» ALN Magazine and ALN World
» American Sociological Review
» Animal Frontiers
» Anthrozoös: A Multidisciplinary Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals
» Big Data & Society
» BioResearch
» BMC Nursing
» Brain & Behavior
» Change: the Magazine of Higher Learning
» Choice Reviews Online
» Clinical Cardiology
» Clinical Liver Disease
» Clinical Obesity
» Clinical Simulation in Nursing
» Cogent Economics & Finance 
» Congestive Heart Failure
» Convergence
» Criminology
» Criminology & Public Policy
» Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
» Ecology & Evolution
» e-Journal of Health Informatics
» Emerging Infectious Diseases
» Evidence-Based Nursing
» Environment: Science & Policy for Sustainable Development
» Families in Society
» Games and Culture
» Games for Health Journal
» Global Discourse
» Global Health Action
» Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews
» Health and Quality of Life
» Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
» ISRN Nursing
» Journal of the American Heart Association Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease
» Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Assn (JAVMA)
» Journal of Animal Science
» Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
» Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
» Journal of Biological Dynamics
» Journal of Business Strategy
» Journal of College and Character
» Journal of Criminal Justice Education
» Journal of the First Year Experience & Students in Transition
» Journal of Holistic Nursing
» Journal of Mixed Methods Research
» Journal of Nursing Education and Practice
» Journal of Special Education
» Journal of Sport Management
» Journal of Teacher Education
» Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
» Journal of Wildlife Diseases
» Juvenile & Family Court Journal
» Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online
» Language Arts
» Monthly Labor Review
» Music Sound and the Moving Image
» Nurse Leader
» Nursing Clinics of North America
» Nursing Outlook
» Nursing Research and Practice
» Occupational Outlook Quarterly
» Online Journal of Nursing Informatics
» Open Journal of Nursing

» Primates
» The Professional Counselor Journal
» Quantitative Finance Letters
» Quarterly Review of Biology
» SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS
» School Science & Mathematics
» Science
» Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas
» Science News
» Scientific American
» Settler Colonial Studies
» Simulation and Gaming
» Social Problems
» Society
» Theoretical Economics
» Trends in Urology & Men's Health
» Vetfolio Journal Archives (includes Veterinary Technician)
» Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice
» Veterinary Record Open 
» Virtual Reality
» Visual Communication Quarterly
» Women & Criminal Justice
» World of Work Report

Animal Science

» ALN Magazine and ALN World 2002-

Provides updates on resources, products, and information to design, build, and equip today's research animal facilities. Includes commentaries, case studies, and topical coverage of a key area of technology. Digital editions are available for free.

» Animal Frontiers 2011-

Peer-reviewed articles that present international perspectives on the status of global issues in animal agriculture today. Joint venture between American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS), the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), and the American Meat Science Association (AMSA).

» Anthrozoös: A Multidisciplinary Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals 2007-

Quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that addresses the characteristics and consequences of interactions and relationships between people and non-human animals across areas as varied as anthropology, ethology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine and zoology. Articles cover the full range of human-animal relations, from their treatment in the arts and humanities, through to behavioral, biological, social and health sciences.

» Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Assn (JAVMA) 2000-

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, a not-for-profit association representing more than 85,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services.

» Journal of Animal Science 1910-

Discovers, disseminates and applies knowledge for sustainable use of animals for food and other human needs. Articles encompass a broad range of research topics in animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, and preparation and utilization of animal products. Articles typically report research with beef cattle, companion animals, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep.

» Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 1998-

Publishes articles, commentaries, and brief research reports on methods of experimentation, husbandry, and care that demonstrably enhance the welfare of all nonhuman animals.

» Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2009-

Published by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, articles cover the latest developments in cardiology, neurology, oncology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, hepatology, immunology, infectious disease, nephrology/urology, nutrition/metabolism, pharmacology, respiratory, theriogenology, epidemiology, and muscle disease relating to large and small animals. Access full text articles from the past five years.

» Journal of Wildlife Diseases 1965-

Published quarterly by the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA), articles include reports of wildlife disease investigations, research papers, brief research notes, case and epizootic reports, review articles, and book reviews. It publishes the results of original research and observations dealing with all aspects of infectious, parasitic, toxic, nutritional, physiologic, developmental and neoplastic diseases, environmental contamination, and other factors impinging on the health and survival of free-living or occasionally captive populations of wild animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

» Primates 1957-

International journal of primatology that provides a forum for the elucidation of all aspects of primates. Publishes original papers and it encompasses work in fields of biological investigation such as morphology, physiology, genetics, psychology, behavior, ecology, sociology, systematics, evolution, and medicine.

» Vetfolio Journal Archives -2013

Access to a growing backfile archive of journals such as Veterinary Technician and Compendium.

» Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice 1995-

Features review chapters on treatment of small animals such as cats and dogs involving a wide range of treatments, with each issue focusing on a specific topic.

» Veterinary Record Open 2013-

Publishes specialist veterinary research across a range of topic areas. Open Access journal of the British Veterinary Association.


» Cogent Economics & Finance 2014-

Open access, peer-reviewed journal that contains theoretical and empirical contributions in all areas of economics and finance.

» Journal of Business Strategy 1980-

Focusing on business strategy, and covering topics as diverse as marketing strategy, innovation, developments in the global economy, mergers & acquisition integration and human resources.

» Journal of Sports Management 1987-

Published by the North American Society for Sport Management, JSM covers issues and trends in the sports management industry. Contains editorials, research articles, and reviews that relate to the management, governance, and consumption of sport, such as: organizational theory, behavior, and strategy; sport operations; law and policy; economics, finance, and accounting; marketing, consumer behavior, sponsorship, advertising, and licensing; media, communications, and public relations; sport tourism; facility and event management; and gender and diversity.

» Monthly Labor Review 1981-

Published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency within the U.S. Department of Labor.  Contains  articles on the labor force, the economy, employment, inflation, productivity, occupational injuries and illnesses, wages, prices, and more.

» Occupational Outlook Quarterly Online 1999-

Provides practical information on jobs and careers. Articles cover a wide variety of career and work-related topics such as unusual occupations, tips for job seekers, salary trends, and results of new studies from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

» Quantitative Finance Letters 2013-

Open access journal, provides an outlet for the publication of topical and concise letter articles that seek to engage with the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of finance.

» Theoretical Economics 2010-

Open access journal, published by the Econometric Society three times a year, in January, May, and September. Contains research in economic theory.

» World of Work Report 2008-

The World of Work Report is published annually by the International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS)

Criminal Justice

» Criminology 1997-

Devoted to crime and deviant behavior.  Disciplines covered include sociology, psychology, design, systems analysis, and decision theory. Major emphasis is placed on empirical research and scientific methodology.  Includes reviews of criminology literature and theoretical issues as well as suggestions for future investigations.

» Criminology & Public Policy Nov 2001-

Focuses on criminal justice policy and practice, the central objective of the journal is to strengthen the role of research findings in the formulation of crime and justice policy by publishing empirically based, policy focused articles.

» Journal of Criminal Justice Education 1997-

Peer-reviewed journal published by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). Provides a forum for the examination, discussion and debate of a broad range of issues concerning post-secondary education in criminal justice, criminology and related areas.

» Juvenile & Family Court Journal 1997-

Quarterly, peer-reviewed journal, published by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges since 1949. Focuses on juvenile and family justice, including child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, substance abuse, child custody and visitation, judicial leadership, and related topics. Provides the latest research and information on best practices concerning issues affecting children and families.

» On the Line (American Correctional Association) Sep 2011-

Online newsletter published six times a year by the American Correctional Association.

» Women & Criminal Justice 1989-

Devoted specifically to scholarly interdisciplinary and international research on all concerns related to women and criminal justice in the fields of criminal justice, human rights, law, politics, sociology, social work, and women's studies. Both qualitative and quantitative studies are welcomed, as are studies that test theories about women as victims, professionals and offenders.


» Change: the Magazine of Higher Learning 1997-

Deals with contemporary issues in higher learning. Intends to stimulate and inform reflective practitioners in colleges, universities, corporations, government, and elsewhere. Spotlights trends, provides new insights and ideas, and analyzes the implications of educational programs, policies, and practices.

» Journal of College and Character

Professional journal that examines how colleges and universities influence the moral and civic learning and behavior of students. The journal publishes scholarly articles and applied research on issues related to ethics, values, and character development in a higher education setting

» Journal of the First Year Experience & Students in Transition 1989-

Semi-annual peer-reviewed journal providing research on the first college year and other significant student transitions. Disseminates empirical research findings on student transition issues such as explorations into the academic, personal, and social experiences of students at a range of transition points throughout the college years.

» Journal of Special Education 1966-

Provides research articles and scholarly reviews on special education for individuals with mild to severe disabilities.

» Journal of Teacher Education 1998-

Journal focuses on field experiences and teacher education; cognitive science and critical thinking; preparing teachers for urban schools; teachers' beliefs; accreditation and certification; selection, retention, and recruitment of minority teachers and teacher leadership; perspectives on leadership; professional ethics in teacher education; and restructuring teacher education.

» Language Arts Jan 1980-

Professional journal for elementary and middle school teachers and teacher educators. It provides a forum for discussions on all aspects of language arts learning and teaching, primarily as they relate to children in pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. Issues discuss both theory and classroom practice, highlight current research, and review children's and young adolescent literature, as well as classroom and professional materials of interest to language arts educators.

» School Science & Mathematics 1997-

Official journal of the School Science and Mathematics Association, founded 1901. International journal that emphasizes research on issues, concerns, and lessons within and between the disciplines of science and mathematics in the classroom.

» Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas 1969-

Brings K-12 teachers creative, inexpensive, and engaging activities to help make science relevant.

Game Design

» Games and Culture Jan 2006-

Quarterly and peer-reviewed international journal that promotes innovative theoretical and empirical research about games and culture within interactive media. The journal serves as a premiere outlet for ground-breaking work in the field of game studies and its scope includes the socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions of gaming from a wide variety of perspectives.

» Games for Health Journal Feb 2012-

Bimonthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the development and application of game technology for improving physical and mental health and well-being. Intended for anyone interested in the research and design of health games that integrate well-tested, evidence-based behavioral health strategies to help improve health behaviors and to support the delivery of care. New journal. First issue published February 2012.

» Simulation and Gaming 1970-

An international journal of theory, practice and research has served as a leading international forum for the exploration and development of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training, consultation, and research.

» Virtual Reality 2012-

Disseminates research and provokes discussion on all aspects of Virtual Reality from various disciplines and industries.

Graphic Design

» Convergence Mar 1995-

Quarterly, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes leading research addressing the creative, social, political and pedagogical issues raised by the advent of new media technologies. It provides an international, interdisciplinary forum for research exploring the reception, consumption and impact of new media technologies in domestic, public and educational contexts.

» Music Sound and the Moving Image 2007-

The first international scholarly journal devoted to the study of the interaction between music and sound with the entirety of moving image media – film, television, music video, advertising, computer games, mixed-media installation, digital art, live cinema.

» Visual Communication Quarterly 1994-

An international, peer-reviewed journal of theory, research, practical criticism, and creative work in all areas of visual communication.

Health Science

» BMC Nursing

Open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of nursing research, training, education and practice.

» Clinical Cardiology Aug 1979-

Publication of the American Society for Preventive Cardiology. Publishes original clinical research, as well as brief reviews of diagnostic and therapeutic issues in cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular surgery.

» Clinical Liver Disease Feb 2012-

Official publication of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

» Clinical Obesity Feb 2011-

Official clinical journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, publishes international peer-reviewed research papers and reviews focusing on obesity and its co-morbidities.

» Clinical Simulation in Nursing 2009-

International, peer reviewed journal of the International Nursing Association of Clinical and Simulated Learning (INACSL). Published online nine times annually.

» Congestive Heart Failure 2000-

Features manuscripts and papers on the prevention and management of congestive heart failure.

» electronic Journal of Health Informatics

Open access international journal dedicated to the advancement of Health Informatics and information technology in healthcare.

» Emerging Infectious Diseases

Peer reviewed, open access journal published monthly by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

» Evidence-Based Nursing

Quarterly publication that selects research studies and reviews that report important advances relevant to best nursing practice. Provides commentary on chosen articles to identify key findings and implications for clinical practice.

» Global Health Action 2008-

International peer-reviewed open access journal affiliated with the Centre for Global Health Research (CGH) at Umeå University, Sweden.

» Health and Quality of Life 2006-

Open access, peer-reviewed, online journal promotes the dissemination of knowledge on the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) assessment within the scientific community.

» Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine 2013-

Open access, peer reviewed journal that contains theoretical and empirical contributions on all aspects of research and scholarly practice into psychosocial, behavioral and biomedical influences on health, including assessment and diagnosis, treatment processes and recovery, health cognitions and behaviors at population and individual levels, psychosocial and behavioral prevention interventions, and psychosocial aspects of behavior, health, illness, and medicine.

» ISRN Nursing

Open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of nursing.

» Journal of the American Heart Association Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Feb 2012-

Online-only, peer-reviewed, Open Access publication that provides a global forum for basic and clinical research articles and timely reviews on cardiovascular disease and stroke.

» Journal of Holistic Nursing 1999-

Peer reviewed quarterly journal with a focus on integrating holistic health concepts with traditional Western medicine. JHN provides a forum for caring and innovative nurses in clinical practice, research, individual wellness practice, and academia to exchange critical information, share clinical and personal experiences, and communicate research pertaining to nursing practice, health care, wellness, healing, and human potential.

» Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2011-

International, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides a forum for original research, case reports, experience exchange and reviews to the fields of nursing on clinical nursing, nursing administration, nursing practice, nursing education, etc.

» Nurse Leader 2009-

A bimonthly journal including research articles and features focusing on all aspects of nursing leadership.

» Nursing Clinics of North America 2012-

A quarterly series that publishes current diagnostic and therapeutic information in nursing, usually centered around a particular theme.

» Nursing Outlook 2009-

Current research on nursing education, training, and practice.

» Nursing Research and Practice 2010-

Peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of nursing.

» Online Journal of Nursing Informatics 1997-

OJNI is a free, international, peer reviewed publication that is published three times a year and supports all functional areas of nursing informatics. OJNI was launched in 1996, with readership spanning over 49 countries.

» Open Journal of Nursing 2011-

Open access international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of nursing.

» Trends in Urology & Men's Health Sep 2007-

Bimonthly journal aimed at GPs, specialist nurses and hospital specialists. Provides articles from leading specialists in the areas of prostate disease, erectile dysfunction, incontinence and genitourinary medicine, and other issues, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Library Science

» Choice Reviews Online Sept 2011-

Online journal that reviews academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education. Used by librarians, faculty, and decision makers for collection development and scholarly research. Each year Choice publishes more than 7,000 reviews.


» BioResearch 2012-

Bimonthly peer-reviewed open access journal, provides a new rapid-publication forum for a broad range of scientific topics including but not limited to molecular and cellular biology, tissue engineering and biomaterials, bioengineering, regenerative medicine, stem cells, gene therapy, systems biology, genetics, biochemistry, virology, microbiology, and neuroscience.

» Ecology & Evolution 2011-

Peer reviewed journal of research in all areas of ecology, evolution and conservation science. Gives priority to research reports, theoretical or empirical, that develop our understanding of organisms and their diversity, interactions between them, and the natural environment.

» Environment: Science & Policy for Sustainable Development 1997-

Analyzes the problems, places, and people where environment and development come together, illuminating concerns from the local to the global. Offers peer-reviewed articles and commentaries from researchers and practitioners who provide a broad range of international perspectives. Features in-depth reviews of major policy reports, conferences, and environmental education initiatives, as well as guides to the best Web sites, journal articles, and books.

» Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 2007-

Open access journal, focuses on syntheses and procedures that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous materials and reviews of state of the art green chemistry technologies.

» Journal of Biological Dynamics 2007-

Open access journal, focuses on dynamic phenomena at scales ranging from the level of individual organisms to that of populations, communities, and ecosystems in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology, population dynamics, epidemiology, immunology, environmental science, and animal behavior.

» Quarterly Review of Biology 2011-

Publishes articles in all areas of biology, and has a traditional emphasis on evolution, ecology, and organismal biology.

» Science 1997-

Online access to the full text of every article published since 1997 in Science, the weekly journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

» Science News 1997-

Biweekly news magazine covering important and emerging research in all fields of science, from astronomy to zoology

» Scientific American 1993-

Online access to the full text of every article published since 1993 in Scientific American.

Social Science

» American Sociological Review Feb 2004-

Published by the American Sociological Association (ASA), contains original works of interest to the general discipline of sociology, such as new theoretical developments, research results that advance understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations.

» Big Data & Society Apr 2014-

Publishes interdisciplinary work principally in the social sciences, humanities and computing and their intersections with the arts and natural sciences about the implications of Big Data for societies.

» Brain & Behavior Sept 2011-

Peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, publishes research across neurology, neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry that enhances the understanding of the brain and behavior. Open source journal.

» Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 1998-

Peer-reviewed journal for understanding the social and psychological impact of today’s social networking practices. It has followed the trend of social networking and virtual reality for the past 15 years and is known for its articles and studies surrounding the effects of interactive technologies on behavior and society, both positive and negative.

» Families in Society 1920-

Focuses on the art, science, and practice of social work and provides a trusted forum to explore and share ideas and concepts in social services. Provides a forum for addressing the interests, activities, knowledge, and concerns of social service and human service professionals in direct practice as well as associates in management, supervision, policy and planning, social work education, and social work research.

» Global Discourse 2010-

Open access, interdisciplinary, problem-oriented journal of applied contemporary thought operating at the intersection of politics, international relations, sociology and social policy. The journal’s scope is broad, encouraging interrogation of current affairs with regard to core questions of distributive justice, well-being, cultural diversity, autonomy, sovereignty, security and recognition.

» Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1968-

Psychology journal that publishes research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance.

» Journal of Mixed Methods Research 2007-

Quarterly, interdisciplinary, international publication that focuses on empirical, methodological, and theoretical articles about mixed methods research across the social, behavioral, health, and human sciences.

» Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online 2006-

Open access journal that publishes original research papers, short communications, book reviews, and letters from across all social science disciplines. The journal predominately highlights research in the New Zealand context, but subject matter is of worldwide relevance.

» The Professional Counselor Journal 2011-

Peer-reviewed, open source, electronic journal of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) dedicated to research and commentary on empirical, theoretical and innovative topics in the field of professional counseling and related areas.

» SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS 2004-

Open access, international journal that disseminates research on social factors relating to HIV/AIDS. Areas covered include care, support, behavior change, behavioral surveillance, counseling, impact, mitigation, stigma, discrimination, prevention, treatment, adherence, culture, faith-based approaches, evidence-based intervention, health communication, structural and environmental intervention, financing, policy, media and more.

» Settler Colonial Studies 2011-

Open access, peer reviewed academic journal, published four times a year and responds to a growing demand for reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism as a distinct social and historical formation.

» Social Problems 1953-

Covers critical perspectives on contemporary social issues such as: conflict, social action, and change; crime and juvenile delinquency; drinking and drugs; health, health policy, and health services; mental health; poverty, class, and inequality; racial and ethnic minorities; sexual behavior, politics, and communities; and youth, aging, and the life course.

» Society 2012-

Publishes new ideas and research findings drawn from all the social sciences. Aimed at decision makers and others concerned with trends in modern society. Each issue features a special symposium and policy-relevant research, as well as reviews of significant new books.