The Libraries Mission, Vision and Customer Service Statements.


The Becker College Libraries support Becker College students in their attainment of educational and community goals, model college values through service and adherence to professional standards, and provide learning environments where students can thrive and contribute to a culture of excellence.


The Becker College Libraries will become a strategic asset for the Becker College community with librarians and support personnel who will provide access to diverse and relevant resources that reflect the globally interconnected nature of information and work, support and enhance learning outcomes, and promote self-discovery and lifelong learning in Becker graduates.

Customer Service Statement 

The Becker College Libraries will provide consistently excellent customer service to enhance the student experience through dedication to the following:

  • Provide welcoming facilities and maintain an attitude of approachability, helpfulness and focus on solutions for students to achieve academic and personal goals (Welcome)
  • Facilitate optimal access to information resources, guide students on appropriate use for success, and pursue continuous improvement of library facilities to attract students and provide space for collaborative and individual work (Access)
  • Engage with our community responsively, considering the student voice and actively promoting our assets and resources  through personal interaction, formal presentations, library displays, and electronic communication and social media (Engagement)
  • Help  students achieve academic and personal goals through information literacy instruction and support (Information Literacy)
  • Encourage critical thinking through provision of and access to resources representing diverse, longitudinal , and global viewpoints (Critical Thinking)
  • Promote lifelong learning by encouraging students to develop information seeking skills and love of learning and creative expression (Lifelong Learning)
  • Commit to the highest level of service by which we acknowledge each student’s value, receive feedback and problem-solve, and live by the notion “At Becker, there is no such thing as a stupid question” (Person-centered Service)
  • Collaborate with faculty through resource discovery and management to realize course and departmental learning outcomes that produce successful graduates who are truly World Ready (Curricular Support)