Student Laptop-Use Policy

Laptops are available for check out by students and can be used only within the library.  The policy for checking out student laptops at both Ruska and Swan libraries follows:

Policy Overview

  • Laptops are circulated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Laptops cannot be reserved in advance.
  • Laptops must be checked out in person with a valid, current Becker College ID.
  • Upon first check out, students need to review and sign a copy of the laptop policy.
  • Laptops can be used only within the library.

Laptop Use and Circulation Information

  • The laptop loan period is three hours.  One three-hour renewal period is allowed, pending availability.
  • Laptops must be returned to the library staff at least 30 minutes prior to closing.  All components will be checked by the library staff upon return.
  • Laptops must not leave the library under any circumstances.
  • Once a laptop and power cord are checked out to a student, they become the student's responsibility until they are returned and checked in.
  • Laptops should not be left unattended at any time.
  • Students may check out only one laptop at a time.
  • Laptops that are not returned will be considered stolen property, and appropriate action will be taken. See next section.
  • Students must not alter any settings or configurations on the laptops.
  • Students must not save data to the hard drive of the laptops.

Overdue Fines and Replacement Costs

  • Overdue fines for laptops are $15 for the first hour overdue and $10 per hour thereafter.
  • When a laptop is lost or stolen, the borrower will be billed a $600 replacement cost.
  • When a laptop is damaged, the borrower will be billed either $600 for replacement or the cost of the repair.
  • If the laptop is returned in good condition within seven days of billing, the replacement charge will be refunded.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for files stored on the hard drive or for the recovery of files left on the hard drive after the laptop has been returned.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for any viruses that may be transferred to or from a student’s portable storage device.

Unacceptable Use of Laptops

  1. Unacceptable use of laptops includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Leaving a laptop unattended in the library at any time.
    • Allowing more than two users to be on the same laptop at one time.
    • Taking a laptop out of the library.
    • Taking a laptop into the restrooms at Swan Library.
    • Saving information to the hard drive.
    • Installing software onto the laptop.
    • Handling a laptop in a manner that can lead to damage of the equipment (e.g., dropping the laptop onto a hard surface, pushing on the plasma screen, or downloading potentially hazardous files).
  2. The library reserves the right to update and change this policy at any time without notice.  It is the responsibility of the student to read and accept the most recent version of the policy.

Violations of Laptop Loan Policy

  • First offense:  Termination of session and loss of laptop privileges for one day.
  • Second offense:  Denial of laptop privileges for one month.
  • Third offense:  Potential denial of all laptop privileges, contingent upon the decision of the Library Director.