FAQs: Collaborative Learning Center

What is the CLC?

CLC stands for the Becker College Collaborative Learning Center. The CLC has an office on both the Worcester and Leicester campuses.

The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) dedicates itself to helping all Becker College students achieve their academic goals by providing them with the academic supports crucial to building and strengthening their skills.  The CLC staff fosters a supportive and productive learning environment by helping students explore their academic potential and strive toward excelling in their chosen field of study.

Professional Learning Specialists and Peer Tutors are available for scheduled tutoring appointments, as well as study groups and workshops.  Whether you need to study for a test, figure out how to solve word problems, or could use some help writing and formatting a paper, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is here to support you.

» Where are you located, and when are you open?
» What types of services does the Collaborative Learning Center offer?
» How do I schedule an appointment?
» When should I come to the CLC tutoring center?
» How much do CLC services cost?
» How do I submit my papers online for review by a writing specialist?
» Why do students come to the CLC?
»What is the Athletic Academic Supports program, and how can I participate?
» What if I’m a student with learning disabilities?  How do I find out about academic and/or housing accommodations?
» How to I request to take a test/quiz a the CLC?

Q: Where are you located, and when are you open?


  • Worcester Campus: Linden Hall, 64 William Street
  • Leicester Campus: Swan Learning Commons, Washburn Square

Regular Hours

  • Fall and spring semesters: Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.  Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Worcester and Leicester campuses

Q: What types of services does the Collaborative Learning Center offer?

The CLC offers a variety of services, including:

  • Individual and group tutoring: Students can receive assistance with various content areas, instruction on ways to improve study skills, information about how to take effective notes in class, time management tips, and more.
  • Workshops and study groups: Students can attend workshops and study groups on a variety of topics, such as “Studying for the Sciences” and “Writing That Paper,” in addition to other subject-specific sessions focusing on chemistry, algebra, and writing/grammar.
  • Writing specialists: Our writing specialists help students through the writing process by reviewing papers and offering suggestions in many areas, including grammar, format, and citations (APA, MLA), along with general content and flow. Students also have the option of using our online paper review service by emailing their paper to clc@becker.edu. Once their paper is reviewed, students are contacted to set up a follow up appointment where their tutor discusses their notes and suggestions. Learn more here.
  • Embedded Tutoring: A support program for selected courses which offers targeted academic assistance in and out of class.
  • Academic Consulting & Engagement Supports (ACES): Academic coaches assist students in building self-confidence, motivation, and self-reliance through the creation of individualized study strategies that are adapted to each student's need and style. Students also have the option of participating in Social Engagement workshops with professional staff to develop social skills and become more connected to campus life. Further information can be found here.

Q: When should I come to the CLC tutoring center?

You can come by any time throughout each academic semester.  Come in at the beginning of each semester if you would like to schedule a regular weekly appointment, as popular time slots fill up quickly.  If you feel you might need more intensive assistance in a certain area, please schedule an appointment to meet with the CLC Director.

Q: How much do CLC services cost?

The cost of tutoring, study groups, and workshops are included in tuition, so these services are free of charge to all Becker College students.  The Academic Coaching program requires a fee of $1200 per semester.

Q: How do I submit my papers online for review by a writing specialist?

Simply email your paper in .doc format to clc@becker.edu along with assignment requirements (prompt, rubric … etc.). A writing specialist will review your paper using the track changes feature in Microsoft Office 2010. Upon submission of your paper, please contact the CLC for an appointment to retrieve your paper and discuss any edits. The specialist may offer grammatical suggestions (such as tips on punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure) and format corrections, as well as provide recommendations on the general flow and relevance of the paper.

Comments made on your paper are simply suggestions for your review.

After you submit your essay, you must make an appointment with a peer tutor or a specialist to discuss your writing.  The CLC staff will explain his or her suggestions and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Q: Why do students come to the CLC?

Whether you need to study for a test, figure out how to solve word problems, or write a daunting research paper, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is here to support you.

Q: What is the Athletic Academic Supports program, and how do I participate in the program?

The Athletic Academic Supports program is designed to provide CLC services for student athletes at Becker College. Athletes can come to designated sessions throughout the week on both campuses to meet with CLC staff and work collaboratively with their teammates. Information regarding the location and times of these sessions can be found here.

Interested in participating? Feel free to come to any session, as often as you please, there is no need to make an appointment! Let us know more about what you would like to get out of this program; fill out our survey here!

Are you, a student athlete, interested in assisting your teammates as a tutor in the program? Please contact Andrea Belis at andrea.belis@becker.edu to complete an application!

Q: What if I am a student with learning disabilities?  How do I request academic accommodations?

If you are a student with a documented learning disability, as determined under the ADA and as defined in Chapter 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, you may benefit from certain accommodations.

If you believe you qualify and would benefit from appropriate and reasonable accommodations, please contact the Disability Service/504 Coordinator at micky.roberts@becker.edu or call 508.373.9704 to schedule an appointment for a confidential conversation. It is strongly suggested that students make appointments each semester in order to receive their academic accommodations. 

Please download and complete the Disability Services Accommodation Registration Form, to be submitted with your disability documentation, so we can process your information as soon as possible.

*Documentation for students with learning disabilities should be sent directly to Micky Roberts (contact information shown above). Please do not send documentation to other departments, including Admissions.*

Upon review and determination of appropriate accommodations, as authorized by the director of the CLC, the student will be responsible for follow up with his or her individual faculty member(s). All personal information will remain confidential. Discussions with parents or legal guardians are encouraged when supported by FERPA documentation.

You can find more information on our Resources for Students with Disabilities page.

Q: Who do I talk to for information about on-campus housing accommodations?

Students who may benefit from on-campus housing accommodation may complete a Housing Accommodation Application Form.  Students must submit the completed application form (portions to be completed by student and physician) to the Office of Residence Life/Student Affairs prior to the beginning of each academic year in order to be considered for housing accommodations.  Housing Applications are reviewed by the Housing Committee in April for returning students and in June for new students.

Q: How do I request to take a test/quiz at the CLC?

Please understand that priority is given to students with academic accommodations. Testing for students without accommodations will be approved based on space and proctor availability.
Requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 business hours in advance of the date of the exam, however, 48 business hours in advance is preferred.
Students can submit a request for testing accommodations in a variety of ways:

  • Online – Students can submit requests online by filling out the form here.
  • Via phone or email  – Students can call 508.373.9704 or email clc@becker.edu.
  • In person – Students can stop in at centers on either campus. Please reference the locations above.