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Leave of Absence

A leave of absence for up to one academic year may be granted to matriculated students. The purpose of a leave of absence is to allow a student time to deal with an unexpected occurrence that impacts his or her studies to the extent that long-term absence is warranted. Request for a leave of absence must be made in writing to the Dean of the School, or their designee, who will inform the Registrar’s office of the decision. The following stipulations will apply:

A student who has been dismissed from the College for academic or disciplinary reasons is not eligible;
A leave of absence may be approved for a maximum of two contiguous semesters only. If a request is made for reinstatement after two semesters, the students must go through Admissions.
A leave of absence for longer than 60 days may affect a student’s financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for specific information;
A student who fulfills the conditions of an approved leave of absence may return to the College and register for classes without requesting reinstatement. (The requirements of the catalog current at the time of leave of absence will remain in effect.);
For a leave of absence granted prior to the 12th week of a semester, no semester grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript but will appear as withdrawn courses;
For a leave of absence granted after the 12th week of a semester, the faculty may submit an Incomplete or calculate a grade at that time consistent with the College’s grading policy. The Dean of the School may approve the extension time for an incomplete grade or the conversion of an incomplete to a regular grade;
Individual programs may impose additional stipulations.