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Degree Completion Timeframes

Full-time associate degree program students are required to complete the degree within a five-year period.

Full-time bachelor degree students are required to complete the degree within a ten-year period.

Each period is determined from the date of matriculation. If any enrollment lapses beyond two years, students will need to be formally readmitted to Becker (Withdrawing and Returning to Becker) and will need to meet the degree requirements of the catalog currently in force at the time of readmission.

A student who has completed a minimum of 90% of the credits required for a degree may petition to the students affairs committee to be allowed to complete the requirements of the earlier catalog even though the two year time limit has passed.

Input of a faculty member from the discipline awarding the degree may be requested to answer such questions as currency of the information, licensure and program accreditation issues, etc.