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“Dreams: Educating the Future of Haiti” Graduation and Testimonies

Be Like Brit and Yunus Social Business Centre Collaboration

These are the eleven staff members’ testimonies, in their own words, on how the program impacted them over the last seven months.

Wilmann Laguerre

“Today I’m feeling so comfortable, so grateful and proud to testify about my experience for the past six years of learning about child developmental psychology.

Thank you to Becker College more precisely Mrs. Debbie. After 4 years working with children form different family members, some of them are very challenging. I did the best I could to do a better job and help the get better. Despite all my effort I couldn’t feel it for real because I often felt depressed and exhausted. Because I was doing thing in a way that I think was right enough but I couldn’t do it and be satisfied. I’ve learned so many skills that I’m using now as tools to face my daily responsibilities and tasks in my work.

Right after taking this initiative with the Becker college program, in my second months enrolling in this program I felt that I became another person. I understand the kids’ emotion and their feeling and start to know what to do to help them grow emotionally and socially. After the completion of the six months that were required I can say this program changed my life personally and give me an ability that I didn’t have before. I’m able to translate the kids’ emotions and what they think easily and know how to approach them in every circumstance they might be. Not only I do a better job, I work more confidently I control my emotion and help the kids control theirs. I even help other adults control their emotions. I perform my leadership role accordingly now, I’m a leader and improve in my daily responsibility.

I knew this program was going to help me but I didn’t think it was going to change my whole life and makes me become another version of me. I’m so grateful and thankful for these, thank you to every single person who were part of this wonderful program.” -Wilmann Laguerre

Masse Wonicico

“To start with, I am speechless to tell either explain what these six courses have done for me specially at Be like Brit, but any way I want to profit this time to thank Professor Debbie for all of her teachings, because during these six courses she has never been tried to help us with these wonderful teachings at Be like brit, I want to profit the time to Thank Papi Len and the other staff at Becker College for providing these wonderful courses for us.

Well during these six courses I felt so great because after I was called to work at Be like Brit I was happy but I had no idea how things were going to be by working with kids but after I’ve heard that I was chosen to be part of Becker College I was so happy because I knew that things were going to be changed.

It was so difficult for me to work with kids because just before those teachings, things didn’t go well because I didn’t know anything about consequences, follow through and so forth but after these six courses I can say I am now a great leader, and one of the things that these six courses have done for me is that I didn’t know what the word consequence meant but after these six courses I have better ideas about it thanks to my dear loving professor Debbie.

So, Mrs. Debbie I don’t have anything special to give you to reward you for all that you have done for me, because if I can work better now at be Like Brit it’s thanks to you. So, I will keep praying for you and the other professors at Becker College so the Mighty God could give you guys more knowledge to continue teaching others and so that he could also bless you guys Richly and abundantly.

I want you to know that I love you all so much.” -Masse Wonicico

Jameson Rene

“What a joy it is for me to write a testimony about all I have learned over the last couple months in those 6 wonderful courses!! First, I want to thank the mighty God for blessing me with good health during this time of learning. I also want to thank Papi Len, Manmi Cherylen for making it possible for me to have the opportunity to learn at Becker College freely. I am forever indebted to you Mrs. Debbie for your hard work, better yet for giving your time in teaching me how to be better in managing children. I am speechless. No words are strong enough to show my gratitude. I also want to thank my wonderful colleagues at Becker College who have shared their love with me during the whole time. I can say that we (the eleven members) are blessed beyond description to be in such great place where we are learning without getting worried when we should pay for the courses. God is so good!!

I have learned so many things and I will profit this time to share some of the things that I have learned so far. I learned how the American culture works. I learned lots of grammar rules that have helped my English to be better. I learned about Social intelligence, Supporting Children’s Peer Relationships and Friendships where I learned the different types of friends children can have and how I should be an adviser to them in their choices of friends. I learned how to help children who have been traumatized, victimized and bullied. I learned how to handle children’s aggressive behavior. I can say that long time ago, when I see a kid who is being aggressive, I wouldn’t know what to do. many times, I would just treat them with force. now though these wonderful teachings, I am now an expert in handling children’s aggressive behavior. I can now manage my emotions by the follow through process. I can now teach the children about the consequences that are awaited when they don’t do what they are expected to do. I have become a more patient staff member. I can now take good decisions. I can now warn the children correctly through the statement of corrective consequences in the form of a warning. I know what the pro social skills are where sharing, sacrificing, helping, negotiating can help the children achieve their goals in life.

Once more, I am very grateful for all these wonderful free teachings. This short testimony is not enough to show all that I want to say but I am proud because I am putting them all into practice. I can freely say that I am proud of the person that I have become through these wonderful teachings. I am always ready to learn and I am looking forward in learning more at Becker college from my wonderful smart professor, Mrs. Debbie. great thanks!!!the pleasure was mine to share my testimony! Love Lives Here! Long Live Be Like Brit! Long Live Becker College!” -Jameson Rene

Walter Bruny

“I am very happy to have this precious chance where I am testifying the joy that has been running in my heart. Also through my veins as I was taking these wonderful teachings and working all the given assignments I am more than blessed. I can say that I have learned a lot, I am a new and better supervisor. I now know better how to manage the children. I remember when I first started to work at BLB as a supervisor I faced so many challenges. The task was hard on me now I can say that due to this program, I have become a better supervisor where everyone is congratulating me I am very happy and I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken part in shaping me to be a great leader, I am very grateful. I want to say thank you Mrs. DEBBIE specifically for these wonderful teachings you have brought into my life one of the great things I have learned is the fallow through. I can never repay you back. Know that your reward is in heaven. Thank you, BECKER COLLEGE for all support that you have been given us may God bless you all. Thank you.” -Walter Bruny

Avril Erick

“First of all I want to thank Becker College for the loyalty they have to help us, in this program offer to Brit’s home workers and let me take part in it, to become a good instructor for guiding children. And I can’t stay without thanking my teacher Debbie for her courageous act and her creativities Mrs. Debbie use to help us understand everything. It true Mrs. Debbie met a lot of difficult problems but Mrs. Debbie didn’t give up the formation. Mrs. Debbie helps me know how to manage conflicting opinions, Control children emotion, to guide them in the right place the most keep track of. The thing that I had trouble was sending homework because of internet’s problems in my town and availability’s problem because I was in a university in Haiti I shall spend in too. One of the skills especially that I appreciated was social intelligence, supporting the children’s peer relationships and friendships. I learned how I can deal with the kids, and on-the-sport-coaching.

In conclusion, I will share my knowledge to Brit’s home children first and after my church, my family and the other Brit’s home workers who didn’t get the same opportunity like me to take part in this program.” -Avril Erick

Mirlaine Edmond

“I am really glad today to give my testimonies. First of all, I want to say thanks to God, who is leading my path. I want to say thank you so much to papi Lenn, who had this beautiful plan for us and I want to say thank you so much to Dr. Debbie Debra because you were very patient with us alone this study.

Before this course, I did not know how to manage things well but after spending several months in this course things work better for me. I find what potential I Have as a leader. I know how to effectively address childhood aggressive which is something anyone who is working with the kids should know.

I feel that I have many stools to do my job, I notice that without this course I would not be able to face some difficult matters and I would not be able to perform my work well. I am working without being worried because I know what decision to take because I knew already what result I would have for each thing we do. I know all kind of aggression and changes in aggression over time that is one of my favorites.

There are three trends that characterize childhood aggression from the time children are toddlers through middle childhood: Younger children often resort to physical force to get their away. Older children rely more on verbal tactics. Younger children most often engage in instrumental aggression. For most children aggression peaks around age 3 and then gradually declines after that.

It is very important to have good knowledge to do our work and I am very grateful to be part of this program. I would like to have another course which can to increase.” -Mirlaine Edmond

Rosiane Myril

“I’m so excited to talk about me after six months of training; I want to thank Becker college especially Mrs. Debbie for this wonderful opportunity, and I’m so proud to be part of this program, because this program helps me to be more professional and work more efficiently than ever before. All that I learn in this program gives me more ability with the kids that I’m working with. I feel this program gives me more strength as a leader. Sometimes before I applied to this program, I felt weak and had difficulties to deal with some situations in my daily activity with my Kids in class or in their room but now I have enough to deal with any situation that I would face with the kids.

I’m completely changed from this training, very often in the past the kids used to use my tolerance to manipulate me, or just cry to get what they want from me, with skills that I learn now I’m able to handle this correctly. Sometimes in the past I thought I needed to be like a chief to manage the kids especially some of them that are very challenging. Now with all these skills I learn I can use dialogue and my own strategy to have them do what they are supposed to do. I work smarter now not harder and the benefit is not only for the kids that I’m working with neither for the place where I’m working but for me first. I’m confident, proud and act like a role model to prepare the next generation of leader of Haiti. Thank you!” -Rosiane Myril

Esther Duval

“Today, it’s a pleasure for me to have possibility to explain how this program have changed my life. Before I started I want to thank Mrs. Debbie, Len Gengle, and Becker college for this opportunity that You gave us at Be Like Brit. Before this program got started I can say I had some difficulties in something the first thing that this program has done for me is that I did not know how to work better with the kids. Specially some of them this program helps me to know how to be a great leader. This program taught me how to understand every situation that I face with the kids here, I understand better manipulations they used to tried on me before I applied in the program. This training brings a lot value in my life and help me to work professionally and use the skills that I learn to help them to grow in a good condition and in a good environment.

This program helps me become a good leader, I understand people better and I understand many reactions the kids used to do and I couldn’t understand, now thanks to this great program I feel I have a capacity in me that I didn’t have before to work not only with the kids but with my coworkers as well. I have a better communication skill and understand better even some of the kids that I was afraid to face when they are in trouble. Thank you!” -Esther Duval

Marie Gina Gleurvil

“I thank Becker College for the opportunity it gave my staff to follow this program for six months. This program includes six special courses about language and child psychology development. It reinforces my capacity to work better with the children and understand their feelings and frustrations for a better assistance. Also, with the English course I learn a lot of idiomatic expressions for the first time and many vocabularies terms by using them in sentences as work. It should be noted that this program is not only help me to work better with the children but to train and teach the other staff by using real example to assist the children.

Furthermore, these courses with Skype meeting gave the group the opportunities to share and ask questions to Mrs. Debbie it was like a classroom where we asked questions and received answers. Our Teacher was available and patient with us. According to me, there is a big difference between last time and now because I never studied those modules even I learnt things about child development at school and continuing education. Today I have more abilities to develop strategy and techniques able to foster positive behavior, avoid pitfall with the children, implement solution and consequences when needed. I love all the six courses (Prosocial behavior, Social intelligence, Leadership and development, ESL, fostering self-discipline and handling children’s aggressive behavior) without any preference because each one has something different and special which increase my knowledge another to deal with situations. The most interesting is the complete scholarship, I don’t pay anything and I receive all necessary materials for six month plus other paper to improve my knowledge and sharing, helping other professionals in the field of childhood.

A big thank you to the staff of Becker College specially to my teacher and Coach Debra, Pallatto-Fontaine. God bless you!” -Marie Gina Gleurvil

Edmond Naderge

“I am very happy to have this wonderful opportunity to testify about all I have learned from the six beautiful touching courses that I have received. At First, I want to thank Papi Len for allowing this to be a success through BLB! I also want to thank Mrs. Debbie for sacrificing her time in teaching us how to manage children. I can say that these teachings have totally changed my life. Before working for BLB as a coordinator in construction, I used to hang with the kids as a caregiver. We all know how much trouble children can give, but through what I have learned I think I am more than ready to put them all into practice. One of the courses that mostly touched me is the course about “LEADERSHIP”. It is considered as the center of my growth because it has helped me to become a great leader in the field that I am leading where I spend my time dealing with workers who sometimes can be so stubborn. I am very blessed to be part of Becker College because it has been a part of my success. I want to take this precious time also to thank the eleven staff that spent all these times with me where we were sharing ideas when something isn’t understood. To be honest, I admire all the courses whether it talks about how to handle children’s aggressive behavior or whether to help them in their friendship. Before attending Becker College, I can say that I lacked a lot of things in how to manage groups of people. I can now control my emotions and I can also find many ways to understand children who have been bullied.

To be over, I must say that I am forever indebted to Mrs. Debbie because she has been such a great professor. It has been a joy for me in having her as a great teacher. I can’t wait to continue in learning from you, Mrs. Debbie. Thanks once more for making that dream a realistic. Becker College has helped me a lot and I pray that God will continue to give you all health in your continuous work as educating others.” -Edmond Naderge

Jean Peterson Exilas

“Today I’m beyond of joy to express myself about after being engaged in the Becker College program of six courses to tell my testimony, what I have learned during the six courses.

First of all I would to say a big thank you to Be Like Brit, Becker College and specially to Mrs. Debbie for this wonderful initiative that they put up so that we could get these six wonderful, great courses to increase our knowledge and work better and making life much easier for me. As a consequence I will tell in a couple of words what skill each subject has given me and what I have learned from a couple of them.

1-Prosocial behavior tells me the best way to behave and as caregiver to have more knowledge about how I can teach kids the best way to behave themselves appropriately.
2-Leadership was one of the courses that I loved talking about because it was one of my dreams to become a Leader so by taking the course of Leadership it is teaching me how I can be a good and a great Leader.
3-Supporting children peer relationships and friendships I have learned how you can feel when you have friends or not having friends and the effects that have.
4-Handling children’s aggressive behavior teaching me how you ca n destroy someone either adults or children by your actions or Aggressive behaviors and that divides by two types of aggression instrumental aggression and Hostile aggression.

As a matter of fact according to all that’s being said and learned in each courses everything that I have learned a lot from them I become to have more skills, more abilities, more techniques and to work with the kids and not only at Be Like Brit but for everywhere I can say I’m prepared for any countries, once again thank you so much Mrs. Debbie for your patience and your time for helping us accomplish successfully the six months of the program.” -Jean Peterson Exilas

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