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The Yunus Social Business Centre @ Becker College offers three branches of service to the Becker College community and beyond:

  1. We provide myriad opportunities for students and faculty to engage in experiential learning by addressing social issues or problems and their root causes, and then generating creative solutions for true social impact. The YSBC @ BC is a hub for exploration, innovation, and leadership via community involvement, and service learning near and far;
  2. We conduct outreach to the local business and nonprofit community to develop partnerships aligned with common vision and concern for the common good; and
  3. We offer resources, consulting, and services encompassing programming, education, and assistance for combining business principles with social objectives to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and financial sustainability.

Get involved today! Contact Ursula Furi-Perry, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Becker College | 508.373.9533

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