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Graduation Requirements

A student must submit an Intent to Graduate form on MyBecker prior to the following deadlines. Students should not file their intent to graduate more than TWO semesters prior to their intended graduation date.  

 May 1- for the following December graduation date 

 July 1 – for the following May graduation date 

 December 1 – for the following August graduation date 

Intents received after a deadline may not be reviewed in time for the student to make proper course selections in subsequent semesters and, as a result, the student may be denied graduation and/or ceremony participation**. As always, the student is responsible for knowing his/her program requirements and staying on track to meet requirements for graduation. The audit resulting from an Intent should only be relied upon as a final check to determine when graduation will be conferred. 

** Participation in Commencement does not imply that the student has met all degree requirements and therefore, s/he should not automatically expect a diploma. 

Academic Distinction 

Honors designations for recognition at Commencement are determined using the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) earned at the end of the semester prior to the last semester of enrollment before graduation (Associate degree program – typically 3rd semester of full-time enrollment; bachelor’s degree program – typically 7th semester of full-time enrollment). CGPA requirements for honors are not rounded. Honors reflected on the final transcript and diploma reflect the actual CGPA upon degree completion. 

Associate Candidates: 

Honors – CGPA Range 3.50 – 3.69
High Honors – CGPA Range 3.70 – 3.89
Highest Honors – CGPA Range 3.90 – 4.00 

Bachelor Candidates: 

Cum Laude – CGPA Range 3.50 – 3.69  
Magna Cum Laude – CGPA Range 3.70 – 3.89  
Summa Cum Laude – CGPA Range 3.90 – 4.00 

To graduate with a degree from Becker College, a candidate must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the appropriate degree: 

  1. Completion of a minimum of 30 credits at Becker College in order to be awarded a bachelor’s degree (15 credits for an associate’s degree), exclusive of any credits awarded for Prior Learning, AP, CLEP, or other acceptable sources.  
  2. A minimum of 15 credits of 3000/4000 level courses required for the major, and 9 credits for any minor, must be completed at Becker College. Transfer credit policies for graduate programs are determined by individual programs. 3.
  3. The student must complete the course work required and the number of semester hours specified to be awarded his/her degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. The final CGPA is not rounded.
  4. Foundations/Developmental/Preparatory courses will not transfer into Becker for credit toward graduation requirements (see course description for notation of Foundations/Developmental/Preparatory course type). 
  5. All financial obligations of the student must be successfully completed. Degrees will not be granted to any student having debts outstanding. 

A student may participate in commencement exercises if he/she is within two courses, or up to seven (7) credits, of completing degree requirements. The student must also have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 (as of the previous semester) and must be meeting all other requirements. Following completion of all degree requirements, the student’s graduation will be officially recorded on his/her transcript and the diploma will be mailed to the student. Becker College confers degrees three times a year: May 20, August 20, and December 20. Diplomas will not be backdated. 

During the latter part of the spring semester, please watch for Commencement information at (homepage). 

Students should apply for their degrees at the time they meet the requirements; a student applying for the associate’s degree at the same time the bachelor’s degree is awarded may only be recognized in the program for degrees and honors relevant to the period covered by that commencement. For example, an associate’s degree for which the student met the requirements at the end of the spring 2018 semester will not be included in the 2020 commencement, regardless of whether the student chose to be recognized in 2018 or not.  However, the degree may still be awarded. 

 Dual Degrees: 

Students may receive two bachelor’s degrees only by meeting the individual requirements of BOTH degrees, and only when the second degree requires a minimum of 24 credits of additional study beyond that required for the first.  

A student receiving more than one degree (i.e. both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree) will only be recognized at commencement for the higher level degree. While both degrees will be printed in the program and honors for both (where applicable) will be recognized at the honors convocation, the student will “walk” with the group receiving the higher level degree and only those honors will be announced at commencement. The student who is receiving TWO degrees at the same level will have both degrees announced. 

Minors, certificates and specializations will be noted on the transcript but not announced at commencement or noted in the commencement program.

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