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Incomplete Grades and Required Petition

In the case of extenuating circumstances, a student may request a final grade of Incomplete from their instructor. The request must be made in writing and must be approved by the instructor and the appropriate Dean. Students should not assume that they will be allowed to complete work after a term has ended unless the request for the Incomplete has been approved by both the instructor and the Dean. 


The following may constitute a rationale for a grade of Incomplete:

  • The student has completed at least 75% of course work/assignments prior to meeting with the course faculty to request the Incomplete. 
  • The situation that has compelled the student to request the Incomplete from the course instructor must be extraordinary, such as illness, natural disaster, or some other emergent situation, beyond the student’s control. 
  • The student must submit the outstanding course work to the instructor no later than three weeks following the date on which grades for the course were originally due (see Academic Calendar). 

Incomplete Grade Process

  1. If the course instructor supports the student’s request to assign a grade of Incomplete, the instructor must forward the request to the Dean or Chair for formal approval and then the request is routed to the Registrar’s Office for processing. 
  2. The course instructor must indicate a deadline date (the “expiration date”) when the student can submit the outstanding course work, which must be no later than three weeks following the date on which grades for the course were originally due. 
  3. Provided that the instructor receives the student’s completed course work on or before the expiration date, the instructor submits the Change of Grade form, which will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office authorizing the student’s grade to be changed from “I” to the alpha grade earned. 

If the student fails to submit the outstanding course work by the expiration date, the grade will automatically change from “I” to “F”. 

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