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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Becker provides its students with opportunities for career experience as part of their college education. Many of our academic programs offer internships, externships, clinical fieldwork, practica and preceptorships. Each one is closely supervised, integrates practical experience with academic work, and encourages the use of classroom skills in an off-campus working environment. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from any off-campus practical experience.  

Becker offers students an opportunity for experience in their career field through the college job posting site or found by the student. A minimum of 144 hours per semester are spent in off-campus, unpaid or paid placements to meet the requirements for a three-credit experiential learning course. This enables students to practice skills in career areas while being part of an actual work situation. A minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point grade average (unless otherwise stated in the course description), 24 credit hours earned toward degree completion and prior approval by the student’s academic advisor are required for participation.  Individual internship courses may have additional requirements which are specified in the course description. Students completing approved internships will receive letter-grades for their performance. 

Students in some programs must participate in extended practical experiences to fulfill graduation requirements. All are conducted under the supervision of a professional in the field and provide students with valuable opportunities to put lab and classroom learning to real use.  

See program and course descriptions for additional information on each of these experiential learning opportunities. 

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