Withdrawals, course changes, and leaves of absence

Course Changes

Changes in course registration may be made through the end of the add/drop period using MyBecker, Student Planning or by filling out a course add/drop form from the Registrar’s office.

Students who drop courses on or before the add/drop deadline will be removed from class rosters, and the course will not appear on their transcripts. If a student drops a course after the add/drop deadline, this will be treated as a withdrawal and a “W” will appear on the student’s transcript for that course. If the student remains in a class after the last day to take a W grade (see Academic Calendar) s/he will receive a WF grade.

Any course changes may result in an adjustment of one’s billing and/or affect one’s financial aid, housing eligibility, and/or athletic eligibility.

Leave of Absence (non-medical)

A leave of absence for up to one academic year may be granted to matriculated students. The purpose of a leave of absence is to allow a student time to deal with an unexpected occurrence that impacts his or her studies to the extent that long-term absence is warranted. Request for a leave of absence should be initiated in the Registrar’s Office. The following stipulations will apply:

  • A student who has been dismissed from the College for academic or disciplinary reasons is not eligible;
  • A leave of absence may be approved for a maximum of two consecutive semesters If the student does not return after two semesters, he/she will be considered withdrawn and must follow the “Returning to Becker following a Withdrawal” policy below.
  • A leave of absence for longer than 60 days may affect a student’s financial Please contact the Financial Aid Office for specific information;
  • For a leave of absence granted prior to the 12th week of a semester, no semester grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript but will appear as withdrawn courses;
  • For a leave of absence granted after the 12th week of a semester, the faculty may submit an Incomplete or calculate a grade at that time consistent with the College’s grading The Dean of the School may approve the extension time for an incomplete grade or the conversion of an incomplete to a regular grade;
  • Individual programs may impose additional
  • Students seeking to return to the College following a leave of absence must contact the Registrar’s Office to be

Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA)

Some students may encounter medical (physical or psychological) conditions that significantly limit their ability to function successfully or safely in their role as students. In such cases, students may request a medical leave of absence (MLOA) to allow them to receive treatment in order to restore the abilities required to successfully complete their college career. Students may request a MLOA during the  semester in progress should it be determined that they are not able to fulfill the academic requirements for classes and they have a documented medical condition which makes it difficult for the individual to successfully complete the semester.

The request for a MLOA must be made in writing from a student’s Becker College e-mail account to the Executive Director of Student Support Services, who will then assist the student through the MLOA process. The student must submit the required medical documentation supporting the need for a leave to the Director of Health Services or the Director of Counseling Services. Requests will be evaluated by  a team consisting of members from the Student Support Services/Disability Services, Health Services and Counseling Services. Please be aware that a Becker College Medical Leave of Absence is not the same as a Financial Aid Leave of Absence; students and families should consult with the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Departments before finalizing a Medical Leave of Absence. Once the leave request is approved, the team will inform the Registrar who will work with the student to process the MLOA. Medical leaves of absence can be granted for a maximum of two consecutive semesters.

Prior to their return to the College, students will be required to submit a reinstatement request to the Executive Director of Student Support Services and supply documentation from their healthcare provider to the Director of Health Services or Director of Counseling Services. The team will evaluate the reinstatement request and inform the student and the Registrar’s office of the team’s decision.

Withdrawals from the College

Students wishing to completely withdraw from Becker College should initiate the process by consulting the Registrar’s Office. Complete withdrawals are appropriate for personal or financial hardships.

Students must follow this procedure:

  • Pick up a withdrawal form in the Office of the
  • Meet with his or her Academic
  • Contact Financial Aid to determine the status of any financial aid that may be
  • Contact Student Accounts to determine final
  • Resident students must bring residence hall keys and student identification to Student Commuting students must bring student identification to Student Services.
  • Return the completed signed form to the Registrar’s Office (form is processed on the date received, not last date of attendance).

Students withdrawing from Becker College before the last day to receive a W grade will be given all W grades. A student withdrawing after the last day to receive a W grade will be given WF grades. Students wishing to finish the semester and then withdraw will earn the grades the professors enter. If a student does not follow this procedure, s/he will not be withdrawn from his/her courses. As a result, the student may receive failing grades in all courses and will not be eligible for fee refunds. This may jeopardize the student’s ability to transfer to, or take courses at, other educational institutions. For individual course withdrawal, refer to the course changes section of the academic catalog.

Returning to Becker following a Withdrawal

A student who withdraws from Becker College and is in good standing (with all College offices) at the time of withdrawal, may request readmission through the Registrar’s Office.  If the student reapplies and was not in good standing at the time of their withdrawal, s/he will have to provide additional information.

If a student’s enrollment lapses beyond two years, there is a possibility that the student’s program may no longer be offered. In such a case, the student will need to choose a new program out of the current course catalog. Further, the student’s prior coursework, including previously transferred credits, may be reevaluated and compared to current programs. Depending on the time away, a student may need to retake courses to fulfill degree requirements. Individual programs may impose additional restrictions on returning to that program following a withdrawal.

Science and Technology courses: good for up to 5 years

Courses in the Major: good for up to 10 years

General Education courses: no time limit