Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security Concentration

The Becker College Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security Concentration will produce graduates prepared for careers in law enforcement, firefighting, government, law, emergency response and management, and research. Courses in this concentration focus on an in-depth understanding of motivations and trends, threat assessment, information security, leadership, public policy planning, preparedness, and response.

Course work encompasses: the history and causes of domestic terrorism, public preparedness, emergency management, law enforcement techniques, and public policy. In addition, policies and methods for dealing with acts of terrorism will be explored. Students receive interdisciplinary training in advanced research into causes and management techniques, learning a wide range of skills necessary to anticipate, understand, and deal with issues in homeland security.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students describe the administration of justice with specialized knowledge of related content areas including, but not limited to, police, courts, and corrections.
  • Students identify the theories of crime causation, responses to crime, and the implications and application for public policy.
  • Students identify and describe legal and ethical constraints, their implications for criminal justice decision and policy makers, and the effects of diversity awareness in the administration of criminal justice.
  • Students interpret, analyze and draw conclusions from qualitative and quantitative data in a social science context and communicate effectively using scholarly sources on topics relating to social problems and criminal justice.
  • Students apply learned theory to practical application by participation in related course work and an internship.
  • Students identify and describe the development of concepts and framework related to national security and counter-terrorism in today’s global environment.
  • Students describe the historical background of terrorism by tracing the development of terrorist tactics from antiquity to the present day.

Homeland Security Concentration Curriculum

Course: Course Name: Credits:Course: Course Name: Credits:
Freshmen Year
JUST1100Criminal Justice Systems and Process3CORE-ENGLThe New Normal: Exploring Unstructured Problems3
CORE1001Managing Transitions3JUST1300Theories of Crime3
LGLS2102Criminal Law3GOVT1108American Government3
Math Elective3PSYC1001Introduction to Psychology3
SOCI1001Introduction to Sociology3JUST1200Introduction to Homeland Security3
Semester Total:15Semester Total:15
Sophomore Year
JUST2805Evolution of Terrorism3JUST2815Physical Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection3
JUST2810 Intelligence in Homeland Security3Humanities or Fine Art Elective3
ENGL1003Writing about Literature3CORE3100Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset3
SOCI2001 Criminology3Criminal Justice Elective3
JUST3200Criminal Procedure and Evidence3PSYC2400Forensic Psychology3
Semester Total:15Semester Total:15
Junior Year
JUST3900Criminal Justice Internship or Criminal Justice Elective3JUST3900Criminal Justice Internship or Criminal Justice Elective3
JUST2204Victimology and Victim Service 3Science with Lab Elective4
JUST3100Threat Assessment and Management3SOCI3200Deviance and Social Control3
JUST3305Cyber Crime3GOVT4100American Constitutional Law3
CPTR2800Information Security and Information Technology Fundamentals3Open Elective3
Semester Total:15Semester Total:16
Senior Year
General Education Elective3JUST4901 Criminal Justice Capstone3
JUST4505Ethics and Professionalism in Criminal Justice 3Criminal Justice Elective3
SOCI4001Data Analysis3Fine Arts or Humanities Elective3
Criminal Justice Elective3Criminal Justice Elective3
PSYC2105Social Psychology 3Open Elective3
PSYC3400Abnormal Psychology
Semester Total:15Semester Total:15
Total Credits:121

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