Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

The liberal arts program at Becker College provides a balanced exposure to the major achievements of mankind in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students enrolled in the liberal arts program will be encouraged to explore three basic themes throughout their course of study: “The Literary Tradition,” “Historical and Contemporary Ways of Viewing the World,” and “Self and Society.” The core courses in this program seek to provide an appreciation of the philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic issues that have evolved in the history of humanity. Students who select a concentration in elementary education will complement the core curriculum with courses which prepare them for specialized employment or graduate work.

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts will be prepared to enter the workforce with the tools of the liberal arts disciplines – reasoned investigation; analysis of the influence of multiple perspectives; clear and effective communication. Further, the in-depth study of a particular area of interest will prepare students for specialized graduate work in law, humanities, social services or administration, journalism, communication, or public policy/organization.


Admissions Requirements:

The School for Graduate and Professional Studies offers a rolling admission process; applications are accepted throughout the year. Requirements include:

  • Completed signed application
  • Prior college credit(s) earned; copy of official college transcript(s) required
  • No previous college experience; proof of high school diploma or GED required
  • Assessment testing may be required

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