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Agile Mindset

The dire predictions are everywhere. In today’s world, change is constant and rapid. The jobs that exist today will no longer exist tomorrow.  Employers want people who not only have the knowledge, but also the skills to be adaptive, innovative, and entrepreneurial. So this is the challenge faced by institutions of higher education; how best to prepare students for this future of uncertainty.

At Becker, preparing students appropriately for the future of work means cultivating adaptive learners with Agile Mindsets who can leverage the uniquely human skills of empathy, divergent thinking, an entrepreneurial outlook, and social and emotional intelligence to adapt and thrive in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The Agile Mindset is the academic foundation that equips students to navigate change and create new value in the hyper-connected, automated world of the 21st century.


Agile Mindset Diagram

Several years ago, Becker College established the Agile Mindset within its curriculum to give students the foundation they need for tomorrow’s world. According to President Nancy Crimmin, “Perpetuating an educational model that simply creates and imparts knowledge is insufficient.  Every college student must learn how to use the power of learning to navigate the future.” While we believe that the Agile Mindset is the academic model to future-proof students, we also integrate the Agile Mindset outside of the classroom. By infusing the Agile Mindset into the fabric of our institutional culture, we engage and empower each and every member of the Becker community and thus create a compelling advantage that cannot be replicated in higher education.

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Watch this video to see how we are future-proofing students at Becker College:

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