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Success Stories



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Congratulations to our students!!

Each of these students now has their PSM1  (Professional Scrum Master) Certification

Tyler Godfroy

Benjamin Javitz

Tanner Kenney

Peter Primini

William Bisson

Sebastian Richter

Ellan Yakubov

Vincent Amoretti

Ryan O’Malley

Catherine Wu

Sam Jacobsen

Avery Kuhn


Becker College Students artwork accepted into the 15th Annual ARTSWorcester College Show and two Becker College students, Don Carling and Catherine Consiglio won awards!


artwork of woman Artwork by Catherine Consiglio, Sophmore in the Interactive Media Design – Game Arts program

student with artwork Lauren Vuz, Senior in Interactive Media Design – Game Arts program

student with artwork Chris Cother, Sophmore in the Interactive Media Design – Game Arts program

student with artwork Rich White, Senior in the Graphic Design program

ilir mborja with artwork Assistant Professor Ilir Mborja with artwork by Don Carling

scott niemi with artwork Associate Professor Scott Niemi with artwork by Don Carling

elliot potter with artwork Elliot Potter, Freshman in the Interactive Media Design – Game Arts program

student with artwork Vaeea Pirpiris, Freshman in the Integrated Graphic Design and Media program

stephanie castano with artwork Stephanie Castano, ’18 – Bachelor of Arts – Graphic Design

design faculty Design Faculty: Ilir Mborja, Terrasa Ulm and Scott Niemi with artwork by
Catherine Consiglio and Trent Gallant.


male student Alex Ruata Alejandro Ruata ’18 Interactive Media Design

Becker College Graduate of 2018, Alejandro Ruata, winner of two Senior awards, officially received and accepted a contract from Boston Medical Center to reimagine/improve/develop a game BMC created in Second Life to help patients with certain disabilities.  Alex is also working in the Collaborative Learning Center at Becker College and is volunteering his time as Lead Producer for one of the projects in Game Studio.

william parker  William Parker ’14, Interactive Media Design

William combines fine art techniques in his digital art. His unique approach earned him a spot in the top three Boston RAWArtists of 2013.

adam dezago  Adam Dezago ’11, Interactive Media Design

Adam is one of the notable faces of the Becker College game design and development program.

nathen casimiro  Nathen Casimiro ’14, Interactive Media Design

Nathen was not built for large lecture halls and professors who only knew him by an ID number and not his name.

scott tongue  Scott Tongue ’14, Interactive Media Design

As a student, Scott was industrious, always making the most of his time. He added game credits to his resume (Game of Thrones Ascent, Natural Selection II), served as a teaching assistant, and he was recognized by the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Game Narrative Summit Advisory Board as a Gold-level winner in the GDC Game Narrative Review Program.


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