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Introduction to Esports Management Course

Spring 2019

Course Title and Number:  Esports Business Models  GAME-4400-W03

This course introduces students to the business model framework in application of the ESports industry – the essential foundation of how to create value via solving problems and fulfilling consumers’ wants and needs. This course assumes rapid cycles of industry shock and disruption and as such, students learn the concepts of the business model to be adaptive thinkers, agile learners and how to seek and create new value.

Fall 2018

Course Title and Number: Introduction to Esports Management  GAME-4400-W09

Welcome to the world of professional video-gaming, popularly known as Esports.

The global audience for Esports is projected to grow from almost 400 million people in 2018 to 589 million by 2020, according to widely cited figures from Newzoo. Prize pots for tournaments stretch into the tens of millions and broadcast rights are being sold for huge sums.

Overwatch is a great example of what Esports is all about. Overwatch is an Activision Blizzard computer game that features two teams of six players battling against each other in a virtual world. The Overwatch League (OWL) was launched in January 2017 with 12 city franchises, each of which reportedly cost $20m to acquire. Fans sell out venues like Burbank’s Blizzard Arena to watch their local team take on other cities’ teams. On-line, the Amazon-owned streaming service, Twitch, has been unveiled as the league’s broadcast partner in a two-year deal, and is understood to have paid $90m for the privilege. Brands on the scene include sponsors like Intel and HP, as well as Toyota and Sour Patch Kids, among others.

This course is designed to introduce students to the career opportunities, major tools, and business concepts required to manage the execution, organization, and operation within the Esports eco-system.

Each of faculty members teaching this course are seasoned Esports industry insiders:

  • William Collis – CEO, and Co-Founder at Gamer Sensei
  • Kevin Mitchell – Senior executive, eSports, VR & Immersive Entertainment @ National Amusements
  • Willy Lee – Ivy League Esports

The course will include lively discussions, projects and case studies, and will highlight topics such as:

  • What are Esports?
  • How does the Industry work?
  • What are the opportunities within the Esports industry?
  • What are Esports’ challenges?
  • What is next for Esports?
  • How are leagues and teams set up and managed?
  • What does Esports hold for marketing and branding and sponsorships?
  • What kind of tools are available for broadcasting, streaming, and league management?

If you are contemplating a career in Esports as a player, commentator,engineer, manager or entrepreneur – this course is for you!

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