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Game Changer

If you represent a non-profit organization, you may be wondering how interactive media can help you improve your outreach and development efforts. Through a new partnership between Becker College’s Interactive Media Program and the Nonprofit Support Center of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, you have access to a channel to initiate projects designed to produce games with social impact.

Recently an opinion piece in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, “Nonprofits Should Use Online Games to Connect Viscerally with People,” noted, “Games developed for learning and other positive social purposes are growing quite rapidly… in some cases, adding the online element may help deepen the impact of the content.” Some gamers report they have learned about a new cause by playing a game. I invite you to explore our Game Changer webpages further, to find out what role the Becker College Interactive Media programs can play in your search.

According to fundraising guru and author Harvey McKinnon, one of the first and most important questions that almost all donors ask before they give, is Why me? The donor wants to know how they fit into your picture. They want to know how you see them. They want to know if you approve of the way you see them. They want to know if you really know them, and if you care about them. This is a question of emotional involvement –interactive media and video games are all about instilling emotional involvement – at least the good games do.

In a recent report released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), video-game-related businesses in Massachusetts are expanding at an annual growth rate of 8% and add nearly $432 million dollars to the Commonwealth’s economy.

As these statistics indicate, this is a message and a medium that cannot be ignored. The potential reach of interactive media is staggering with the sheer amount of time people spend using interactive technology around the world – about 3 billion hours in any given week!

The time rate of change of technology and its attendant influences on our society are growing at an exponential rate. It is critical to the success of individuals in the future that they embody a mindset built to embrace this kind of rapid change. That is why Becker College curricula are built around the idea of investing in our students the skills that lead to an agile mindset – empathy to uncover insights and human needs in times of ambiguity, divergent thinking to find, frame and address problems not yet known, an entrepreneurial outlook to create value in all that they do, and the social and emotional intelligence to collaborate with others to create solutions.

I thank you for visiting our website to find out more about ways in which you can reach out to our students with internship opportunities which I know will lead to new avenues for development at your organizations.

Enjoy the site,

Paul D. Cotnoir, PhD
Associate Dean, School of Design & Technology
Director, Design Program
Professor of Interactive Media
Becker College


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