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Computer Specification

All Interactive Media Design, Integrated Graphic Design and MFA students at Becker College are required to have a computer. While no specific computer brand or model is required, a general specification and examples of suitable machines are provided. (Revised 4/28/20 pdc) 2020 Becker College Computer Specifications

General Specification




Higher End Specification
CPU Intel Core I7

Quad Core

Intel Core I7/I9

6 – 8 Cores

RAM 16 GB 32 GB
STORAGE 512 GB SSD (boot)


1 TB SSD (boot)


DISPLAY* 14” (Laptop)

1080p Resolution

15”/16” FLD


4K+ Resolution









Nvidia GTX1060 or better – 4 GB of VRAM

GTX 1650 (Laptop)

Nvidia GTX 1080 or RTX class or better – 4 GB of VRAM

Drawing Tablet (eg.. Wacom)**


Drawing Tablet (eg. Wacom)**

*Applies to Laptops Only

**For Game Art and Graphic Design students

Desktop or Laptop?

Either a desktop or a laptop can work. However, most students do their serious development work on a desktop, while they use a laptop for more casual work and communication. When on campus, many students take advantage of Becker’s many computer labs which are equipped with high end machines and software and are open 24/7. While laptops are more portable, desktops provide better value in terms of power per dollar spent.

PC or Mac?

PCs are generally held as the de facto standard as platforms for game development. That said, many graphic designers use Mac computers, so if your major is Integrated Graphic Design, a Mac is the preferred option. For game development, a PC is generally a better option. There are some small, free, but important game development software tools that are PC-only. Furthermore, it is our impression is that 3D software is generally better supported and updated for PCs and, the vast majority of 3D art tutorials used in our classes assume a PC development platform.  Outside of Becker, the platform of choice in almost all industry studios is predominantly PC-based. Lastly, Mac computers are considerably more expensive than similarly equipped PC options.

Other Considerations

  • Don’t get Microsoft Office until you get your Becker username and password — then you are eligible to get up to 5 copies for free, also included free is 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage
  • Don’t get Adobe Creative Cloud until you get on campus – you will  be eligible for a student discount once you have a Becker email
  • If you opt for a laptop, get a good, comfortable, backpack in which to carry your computer.
  • Get a few USB thumb drives – you’ll need them (16 GB or larger)
  • Look for deals from BestBuy, Staples,,,, and
  • Make sure to look at other machines rather than just PCs marketed for “Gaming”.

2020 Examples for Desktops and Laptops 2020 Becker College Computer Specifications

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