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Why study design and technology at Becker?

Becker College is a powerhouse in technology, giving you access to one of the top Game Design educations in the country, according to the Princeton Review. You can choose to major in our programs with minors in complementary departments that give you an expansive and flexible skill set. For example, if you want to start your own company, you can major in Applied Computer Science and add minors in Game Design and Business.

The Interactive Media Design program offers four concentrations in the areas of Game Arts, Game Audio, Game Design, Game Development and Programming, and Game Production and Management. As well as the Graphic Design program.

The Business program offers six concentrations in the areas of Administration, Computer Information Systems, Management, Marketing, and Sport Management.

The Applied Computer Science program offers several specializations which include Game Programming, Information Security, and Data Science.

The curriculum will prepare you to flourish in a rapidly changing world with a strong entrepreneurial outlook and the ability to continuously rebrand yourself as your job and career path change in the future. At Becker College, you will prepare for a lifetime of opportunity without limits.

The School of Design & Technology at Becker College offers undergraduate majors and minors in Applied Computer Science, BusinessIntegrated Graphic Design, Esports Management, Interactive Media Design, Emerging Media and Content CreationSport Management, and  Math. You gain the opportunity to hone the practical skills to enter these high-growth fields, enriched with the ability to continue to adapt and maintain a successful career in a rapidly changing industry. Our game design program is ranked #3 in the world by the Princeton Review.


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The mentorship I received taught me how to run a business and make valuable contacts within the industry…(Petricore is) very fortunate that we’ve gotten the amount of help that we did from Becker.

Ryan Canuel

Class of 2015, Co-founder and CEO of Petricore

What's New

Becker to host game jam for high school students Thumbnail

Becker to host game jam for high school students

Published on: October 17, 2019

Becker College and MassDiGI are collaborating to offer a game jam for high school students as part of Massachusetts STEM Week 2019.

Becker’s esports offerings in the news Thumbnail

Becker’s esports offerings in the news

Published on: October 4, 2019

Becker College’s esports programs were the focus of a recent television segment which aired on Boston 25 News.

Art exhibit features work by Becker faculty Thumbnail

Art exhibit features work by Becker faculty

Published on: October 3, 2019

Becker College faculty members are taking part of a month-long art exhibition at the Sprinkler Factory Gallery in Worcester. The exhibit, “Spooky Interaction at a Distance,” reflects on the enormous call-and-response influence of interactive art as contemporary medium.