Biologists study living organisms and their relationship to the environment. Careers in biology are diverse and include human and animal medicine, research, conservation, teaching, journalism, and more. The Biology program at Becker College provides students with a wide range of immersion in all aspects of human and animal biology, as well as special topics addressing emerging issues in the field. Students who are majoring in biology will study the fundamental principles of biology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, cell biology, biostatistics, developmental biology, genetics, and more. Students are able to complete internships off campus. Students in the Biology program will also design and conduct individual research projects, preparing them for careers in which they can apply their knowledge, or to apply to graduate school for further study.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students develop the scientific critical thinking skills necessary to assess the appropriateness of experimental design and the significance of relevant data, as well as the cognitive skills necessary for the gathering of data and interpretation of results.
  • Students develop the oral and written communication skills required for the purpose of conveying scientific information to both scientists and non-scientists.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to consider biological information when forming decisions regarding ethical, social, and environmental issues.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to interpret and analyze scientific data to determine the degree to which they support a testable hypothesis.



Fall SemesterCourse NameCreditsSpring SemesterCourse NameCredits
Freshman Year
BIOL1001Biology I4BIOL1002Biology II4
CHEM1001Chemistry I4CHEM1002Chemistry II4
CORE1001Managing Transitions: Change as a Norm3CORE-ENGLThe New Normal: Exploring Unstructured Problems3
MATH1200College Algebra
3PSYC1001Introduction to Psychology3
MATH2001Pre-calculus and Functions
Semester Total:14Semester Total:14
Sophomore Year
CHEM2100Organic Chemistry I4CORE3100Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset3
ENGL1003Writing About Literature3Science Elective (3000+)3
MATH2001Pre-calculus and Functions
3Humanities/ Fine Arts Elective3
MATH2202Calculus IScience Elective w/ Lab4
Open Elective3
Semester Total:16Semester Total:16
Junior Year
BIOL3003Biological Chemistry
3BIOL3001Cell Biology3
CHEM3003BiochemistryBIOL4001Research Methods in Science3
PHYS2001Physics I4Science Elective (3000+)3
Science Elective w/ Lab4Humanities/ Fine Arts Elective3
Behavioral and Social Science Elective3Open Elective3
Semester Total:14Semester Total:15
Senior Year
BIOL4500Biology Seminar3BIOL4902Internship II
BIOL4901Internship3Science Elective (3000+)
PHIL3001Ethics3Science Elective w/ Lab (2000+)4
Open Elective3Open Elective3
Science Elective w/ Lab (2000+)4Open Elective3
Open Elective 3
Semester Total:16Semester Total:16
Total Credits:121

Biology Electives



The College is observing summer hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4 pm.