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Agile Dual Degree Animal Care and Forensic Science (Criminalistics)

Combine your desire to work with animals— and expand your career options.

Earn an Associate’s Degree in Animal Care plus a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensics in the same amount of time as a Bachelor’s Degree alone!

Career Possibilities Include:

•Animal welfare/public policy
•Animal-related crime prevention/investigation
•Specialty K-9 units
•Explosive detection and accelerants
•Fisheries and wildlife



Externship Notes:

*Animal Care externship hours to be completed summer between Sophomore and Junior year.

Agile Dual Degree- Animal Care and Forensic Science (Criminalistics)

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Career Exploration ANSC1000 1
Domestic Animal Care and Management ANSC1003 3
Biology I BIOL1001 4
Composition and the Agile Mindset COREENGL 3
Criminal Justice System and Process JUST1100 3
Introduction to Psychology PSYC1001 3

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Introduction to Agriculture and Animal Science ANSC1400 3
Biology II BIOL1002 4
Managing Transitions: Change as a Norm CORE1001 3
Introduction to Forensics FORE2001 4
Theories of Crime JUST1300 3

Credits Total: 34

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Animal Nutrition ANSC2401 3
Chemistry I CHEM1001 4
Collection and Preservation of Evidence FORE2002 4
Criminal Law LGLS2102 3

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Animal Health Skills ANSC1010 3
Small Animal Behavior ANSC2100 4
Chemistry II CHEM1002 4
Criminal Investigation FORE3100 3
Forensic Psychology PSYC2400 3

Credits Total: 31

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Externship Module I* ANSC2900 3
Victimology and Victim Services JUST2204 3
Criminal Procedure and Evidence JUST3200 3
Statistics MATH2200 3
Physics I PHYS2001 4

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Exotics and Small Mammals ANSC2050 3
Effective Shelter and Rescue Operations ANSC2300 3
Organic Chemistry I CHEM2100 4
Writing About Literature ENGL1003 3
Forensic Science Internship OR Forensic Science Elective FORE3900 OR Elective 3

Credits Total: 32

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset CORE3100 3
Ethics and Professionalism in Criminal Justice JUST4505 3
Social Psychology OR Abnormal Psychology PSYC2105 OR PSYC3400 3
Data Analysis SOCI4001 3

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Criminal Justice Capstone JUST4901 3
American Constitutional Law GOVT4100 3
Open Elective Elective 3
Humanities/ Fine Arts Elective Elective 3

Credits Total: 24


Special Requirements

All full-and part-time Animal Care, Equine Studies, and Veterinary Science students are required to complete a Student Health Record that includes: a physical exam and immunization record. Students must also have a tuberculosis skin test, review and sign a Vet Risk Form, review and sign a Waste Anesthetic Gases Form. Students will also need to review the Rabies Vaccination recommendations and provide proof of completion of vaccine series or waive the vaccine to decline. This information is required in order to participate in animal laboratories, veterinary clinic rotations, and career externships. Please note, if you decline or waive the rabies pre-exposure vaccine series, it will exclude you from experiences that may have an elevated risk of exposure to the rabies virus.
Students must be able to lift 50 pounds and be able to demonstrate the physical capabilities to work closely and safely with animals of all sizes. Students with limitations to movement, sight, or hearing may find it difficult to meet all curriculum requirements. For the health and safety of students and animals, scrubs will be required in all classes with laboratory components.

UPDATED! Fall Plans: August 2020Click here