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Becker College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a close-knit, supportive, and inclusive learning community dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and skills to succeed. The College is consistently recognized for the excellence of its academic programs and its focus on “future-proofing” students for the world that lies ahead. As a Becker College student, you will be challenged beyond the traditional classroom through a range of learning experiences that will ensure personal growth and professional success.

Academics Overview

In today’s world, change is constant and rapid. It is imperative that institutions of higher learning prepare graduates to be competitive and successful—no matter what lies ahead.

The Agile Mindset—Becker’s value proposition in the higher education marketplace—is an interdisciplinary academic experience that develops an enriched skill set that enables students to utilize knowledge for critical thinking analysis; collaborate and embrace diversity; have an enhanced level of self-awareness; understand social responsibility; and be empathetic in their decision-making. As a result, students gain an understanding of how to apply discipline-specific knowledge to much broader, more complex contexts.

Becker College is committed to preparing students for their first—to last—careers through excellence in academic programs that not only provide students with the knowledge and skills required in a particular field of study, but also with the ability and agility to adapt to change. Small class sizes enable professors to know each student and provide personal attention and support. On-campus teaching clinics and labs, internships and externships, community partnerships, and more complement classroom learning and give students the real-world experience needed to be competitive in the job market.


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