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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Becker College’s Health Sciences program develops future leaders, clinicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs for the rapidly evolving and transforming healthcare industry. Responding to the growing need for healthcare professionals with interdisciplinary skills and an agile mindset, Becker College strives to prepare Health Sciences students to integrate and apply their knowledge through experience and forge a new generation of change agents that will lead the way to solving the healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

The Health Sciences program at Becker College empowers students to pursue a wide breadth of healthcare related occupations including:

  • Clinical care
  • Administration
  • Policy
  • Research
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  the health care industry is set to add more jobs than any other occupational group, with an 18 percent growth rate through 2026.

Health Sciences refers to the interdisciplinary practice of healthcare delivery through the application of science, research, business, mathematics, and technology. The challenges of modern healthcare delivery can only be solved with the integration of multiple disciplines and the tools and knowledge that each contribute. Health Sciences is a foundational and broad study that both integrates various core disciplines and applies their knowledge to the specific and unique area of health care practice and delivery.

While many students pursue careers in healthcare administration, research and policy directly after graduation, others pursue graduate degrees that are required for clinical practice in fields such as Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Chiropractic Care.

The branches of Health Sciences are virtually endless, spanning Traditional and Conventional Western Medicine as well as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Becker College students, leveraging our agile mindset and value systems will be prepared to solve the next generation of healthcare challenges through entrepreneurship, technology, and disruptive change within established organizational structures. Health Sciences focuses on the pursuit of healthy living in all areas defined by the World Health Organization, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

The Health Sciences program aims to:

  • Prepare students to lead with agility, creativity and innovation in a healthcare industry that is rapidly evolving and requires disruption and transformation.
  • Enable students to leverage technology, information systems, and data to assess and evaluate healthcare delivery systems and design interventions to improve them.
  • Prepare students to make an impact on the health of our population through prevention, education, and integration of different treatment modalities resulting in improvement in healthcare outcomes.
  • Forge students that have a systems thinking approach to address the challenges of health delivery, including health disparities, cost and access to care, and public health problems.
  • Empower students to obtain or create positions in a wide variety of health-related occupations so they can pursue their passions and make a meaningful contribution.

Health Sciences Curriculum

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Managing Transitions: Change as a Norm CORE1001 3
Biology I BIOL1001 4
Intro to Health & Exercise Science HTSC1000 3
Introduction to Psychology PSYC1001 3

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Composition and the Agile Mindset COREENGL 3
Introduction to Sociology SOCI1001 3
Biology II BIOL1002 4
Human Growth & Development PSYC1107 3
Introduction to Business Models MGMT1000 3
Writing About Literature ENGL1003 3

Credits Total: 32

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Health Assessment and Promotion Across the Lifespan HTSC2100 3
Community Health and Wellness Education HTSC2300 3
Health and Fitness Skills EXSC1205 3
Public Speaking ENGL2003 3
Chemistry I CHEM1001 4

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Chemistry II CHEM1002 4
Introduction to Public Health HTSC2500 3
Drugs and Society EXSC 3205 3
Statistics MATH2200 3
Abnormal Psychology OR PSYC3400 3
Social Problems SOCI2400

Credits Total: 32

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL2503 4
Research Methods in Science OR BIOL4001 3
Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences w/ Lab PSYC4005
Medical Ethics PHIL3300 3
Nutrition EXSC2300 3

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL2504 4
Developing Business Leadership MGMT4003 3
Writing for Psychology PSYC2014 3
Health Policy Law LGLS3400 3
Open Elective ELECTIVE 3

Credits Total: 29

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Creating & Capturing Value CORE3100 3
Cultural Competence for Human Services Workers OR PSYC2110 3
Understanding Diversity PSCY2203
Microbiology BIOL2502 4
Open Elective Elective 3
Open Elective Elective 3

Spring Semester

Course NameNumberCredits
Health Sciences Internship HTSC4900 6
Lifespan Motor Development and Learning EXSC2500 3
Open Elective (EXSC3300 recommended) Elective 3

Credits Total: 28

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