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Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (On Campus & Online)

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree is designed to make it possible for students from diverse backgrounds to enter the legal profession. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program will focus on the development of reading, writing, critical thinking, reasoning, analytical skills, and human experience. Students prepare for future studies related to a career in a legal setting, including work in a private practice or in large corporations, higher education, and administration. The skills developed in the classroom will provide students with options to continue their education in law school or for placement in law enforcement, legal and juvenile justice, victims’ services, community-/institutional-based corrections areas, federal-, state-, and local-level criminal justice and administrative agencies, corrections, and public and private security. Open electives provide flexibility and allow students to explore individual interests.

Admissions Requirements

The School for Graduate and Professional Studies offers a rolling admission process; applications are accepted throughout the year.

Requirements include:

  • Completed signed application
  • Prior college credit(s) earned; copy of official college transcript(s) required
  • No previous college experience; proof of high school diploma or GED required
  • Assessment Testing may be required

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