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Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies

The Integrated Studies program offers students two flexible advisory paths towards degree completion: students may combine two minors with other required coursework, or combine credits from four different disciplines, in order to craft a specialized degree reflecting their areas of interest. This new program in Integrated Studies includes courses in the Sciences, Math/Business/Design, and Social/Behavioral Sciences – culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree.

Students work on a capstone project, which will serve as the culmination of their individualized integrated studies. Students will research and write about a topic which illustrates the relationships of meaning, interaction, and interpretation within their emphasis or multiple areas of study.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students synthesize information and present a thorough, scholarly research project on a multidisciplinary topic.
  • Students explore and synthesize the inherent diversity of approaches and perspectives reflected in integrated study.
  • Students demonstrate skills such as oral and written communication, critical thinking, ethical judgment, and working effectively in teams.
  • Students apply critical thinking and problem solving abilities through experiential learning opportunities.

Admissions Requirements:

The School for Graduate and Professional Studies offers a rolling admission process; applications are accepted throughout the year. Requirements include:

  • Completed signed application
  • Prior college credit(s) earned; copy of official college transcript(s) required
  • No previous college experience; proof of high school diploma or GED required
  • Assessment testing may be required

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