1. Improve Services Delivered to All Students

To develop institutional policies, procedures, practices, and services that enhance the student experience.

2. Develop and Strengthen Academic Programs

To evolve academic programs so they provide students with the professional competencies to lead in a global society.

3. Expand the Becker Brand

To employ strategic communications initiatives that help all of the College’s stakeholders understand the value created by Becker College.

4. Begin to Integrate Global Citizenship into the Becker Experience

To develop a global engagement strategy that supports Global Citizenship as a key attribute of the Becker student experience and is appropriate to the College's vision, mission, and core values.

5. Continue to Strengthen Financial Position

To maintain and build the financial resources to support the College’s vision and mission.

6. Build a Facilities Master Plan

To better provide services for both campuses while reducing duplication of offices and services and optimizing virtual service delivery where practicable.

7. Assess and Develop Human Resources Function

To assess human resource staffing for present and future College needs and to provide a framework for communicating expectations and achieving goals.

8. Refine and Expand Information Systems and Processes

To continue to expand a comprehensive approach for capturing and utilizing data and information.

9. Implement College Strategic Enrollment Plan

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