Social Impact Investing

Across the country, students petition their higher education institutions to invest funds in more socially conscious ways. In 2015, the Board of Trustees mandated a 100% social impact goal for the College’s endowment. The journey to a 100% social impact investment goal was completed on June 30, 2017. Becker has taken a proactive step to becoming one of the first institutions of higher education to invest its full endowment toward positively impacting social, environmental, and economic sectors.

“A 100% social impact goal for Becker’s endowment aligns with our mission of educating, and transforming our students into global citizens, prepared to solve human, social, and environmental problems. Pursuing both impact and financial return is entirely possible, as demonstrated by a large body of academic evidence,” said former President Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D.

Like all innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit brought it together. Becker College trustee Christopher Provo began including social impact in his own investment practice, thanks to a partnership with Joy Poland of the More Value and Profit (MVP) initiative, which guides advisers and companies in integrating sustainability into business, investing and 401(k)s. With the 2015 launch of the Yunus Social Business Centre @ Becker College (YSBC @ BC), the opportunity for a 100% social impact endowment seemed a natural next step.

Georges Dyer of the Intentional Endowments Network, a national coalition of more than 70 universities, colleges, foundations, and investment professionals, and Paul Herman of the HIP Investor, a social impact metrics firm, have deemed Becker College to be among the first colleges to seek both positive social impact and attractive financial returns in line with its fiduciary duty.

Becker’s commitment makes it possible to achieve social impact with return on investment because innovating for social impact is a core theme of the 21st century.


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