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President's Medal

Established in 2013 by Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., the tenth president of Becker College, the President’s Medal is awarded at the sole discretion of the president to an president's medalindividual or organization whose contributions have had a far-reaching and positive influence on the College, in our communities, across the nation, or around the world.

The President’s Medal honors those who exemplify the ideals represented in the College’s vision, mission, and core values—globally focused and grounded in the responsibility of an educated person to not only seek personal and professional success, but also to contribute to a greater good.

Produced by the Medallic Art Company, the President’s Medal features a global citizenship motif—a hallmark of Dr. Johnson’s presidency that was first introduced with his inaugural medallion. The image of the world is spanned by the words Becker College, symbolizing the College’s focus on and commitment to delivering to the world highly educated, responsible citizens who are prepared to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society. Laurel leaves, which are also part of the design on the College’s seal, encircle the medallion and reflect the ancient Greece tribute of using laurel leaves to form a crown of honor for scholars, heroes, and others of renown and significance.

President's Medal Recipients

In honor of Becker College’s 225th Commencement Anniversary, inaugural and posthumous President’s Medals were awarded to our institution’s three founders at the College’s Honorary Degree Dinner & 225th Commencement Anniversary Celebration on Friday, May 10, 2013:

Becker’s Business College Founder E. C. A. BECKER (1855-1907) and

Leicester Academy Co-founders EBENEZER CRAFTS (1740-1810) and JACOB DAVIS (1741-1814).

Descendants of the founders accepted the awards on their behalf.

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor TIMOTHY P. MURRAY was honored at a ceremony on Wednesday, May 29, 2013, with a President’s Medal for his accomplishments in six years in statewide office, and as a lifelong champion of the Central Massachusetts economy.

On April 5, 2016, DR. MUHAMMAD YUNUS was awarded the President's Medal. Dr. Yunus is a Nobel Laureate social entrepreneur that has been a pioneer of international microfinance. Dr. Yunus also was the keynote speaker at the 2016 Becker Presidental Speaker Series and helped establish the first Yunus Social Business Centre in the U.S. on Becker's Worcester campus.

In 2017, former President Robert E. Johnson's gave out two President's Medals to recognize two important staff members that were of tremendous help during his presidency. The first award was given to DAVID A. ELLIS, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The second award was given to ANNE SROKA, M.A., Chief of Staff.