2018 Honorary Degree Nomination Form and Instructions


Submit nomination by December 1, 2017 for consideration for 2018 commencement

CONFIDENTIALITY IS CRUCIAL TO THE NOMINATION PROCESS. Under no circumstances should the nominee be informed that his or her name has been put forward. Not all excellent candidates can be recognized, and knowledge of a failed nomination can be embarrassing or harmful. Further, the nominator should not solicit letters of support on behalf of the nominee from those outside the College. Official notification of the College's wish to confer an honorary degree upon an individual is made by the president on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Summary Statement

Please include a summary statement, not to exceed two typed pages, of the nominee's career and achievements, and the individual’s appropriateness for an honorary degree. The statement should present clearly a case indicating the profound impact that the nominee's career has made. The following questions should be answered:

  • What is the specific content of the nominee’s contribution?
  • What is original about that contribution?
  • Of all possible contributors to the field, why is this nominee of exceptional merit?
  • Why is the contribution of the nominee especially appropriate to Becker?

Citation Draft

Please include a two-line draft of an appropriate citation to be used should the degree be conferred.  An example of the citation:

“For her outstanding contributions towards ending world hunger and bringing peace to war-torn parts of the world, Becker College bestows its highest award on Jane Doe.”

Any member of the Becker College community can make a nomination: faculty, staff, trustees, corporators, students in good standing, and alumni. We consider ONLY nominations received from the College community.