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FERPA Release of Records

The Release of Records form allows Becker College officials to speak to the individuals identified on the form about the student’s educational records. Particulars may include academic standing, grades, class attendance, disciplinary issues, and financial obligations. If the student chooses not to complete the Release of Records form, it may limit the College’s ability to contact others in the event of an emergency.

Disclosure of educational records without the written consent of the student is prohibited, except in certain instances as permitted by the FERPA.

www.ed.gov  Becker College will, with proper documentation and a written request, disclose student academic education records to the parents of a dependent student. Becker College must have proof of dependency via signed IRS Tax forms on file, or the parent/guardian will have to submit this information.  For student financial education records, if proof is already on file, the offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts will speak to the parent named on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) without a special  written request. However, you may be asked to verify your identity.

Any other release of non-directory information will be granted per the student’s consent on the Release of Records form as noted above.  For the protection of the student, a photo ID may be requested before any non-directory information is released, even to the student.

Directory information will be disclosed by Becker College without prior consent of the student. If the student wishes to restrict the release of Directory Information, she/he must inform the Office of the Registrar in writing.