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The following are the areas for which the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications is responsible. At present, graphic design projects and website requests are initiated through submission of the appropriate online work order form, or through initial consultation with marketing staff. Publicity and promotion are handled via submission of a Publicity Request Form or via initial consultation with marketing staff. To discuss, evaluate, or plan marketing and communications initiatives, contact marketing@becker.edu or Executive Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu or stop by during Open Office Hours.

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All College advertising, with the exception of Human Resources advertising, must coordinated through and approved by the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications to ensure that appropriate budgeting, targeting, scheduling, adherence to visual image and editorial standards, and tracking effectiveness. Please plan ahead as advance notice is necessary. To discuss advertising, contact: Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu.

Business Cards

Information about how to order business cards is available via the following link: Order Business Cards

College logo and graphics

The College logo, and other official College graphics may be obtained from Judy Tonelli-Brown, email: Judith.tonelli-brown@becker.edu.

For help developing a new graphic, please complete a Graphic Design Work Order Form.

To ensure appropriate use of College logo and other visual image standards, please see the College’s Visual Identity System.

Content Development

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications develops content for the College’s print and electronic publications. This includes a variety of stories, profiles, testimonials and more. See Making News and Telling the Story: Media Relations, News, and Publicity for additional information.

Editorial Services

Consistency in editorial style is as important as brand identity. Refer to the College’s Editorial Style Guide or contact the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications for editing, proofreading, and other editorial assistance.

See Resources for helpful tools and forms.

Contact: marketing@becker.edu.

Graphic Design

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications provides graphic design services include the development/design of print materials, production of specialty items, reprints, the creation of templates, sizing of photography, and more. At present, projects begin with the submission of a Graphic Design Work Order Form.

See Resources for helpful tools and forms.

Contact: Judy Tonelli-Brown, 508.373.9719, email: Judith.tonelli-brown@becker.edu

NOTE: Please submit your work order well in advance of a deadline, as the Office has a number of other projects in progress. Work begins on a project once all content and photos have been submitted. Later this year, the Office will institute a new system for lower-level publications, e.g., brochures, fliers, etc. It will continue to manage major College publications.

Marketing Strategy, Plans, Campaigns, and Promotion

Strategy makes a difference. The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications provides marketing and communications consultation to help you determine the best strategy, communication channels, promotional activities, and scheduling to help you achieve your goals. Tools include marketing strategy, briefs, and plans.

See Resources for helpful tools and forms.

Contact: marketing@becker.edu

Making the News and Telling the Story: Media Relations, News, and Publicity

How do we best tell the world about who we are? By telling the great stories that represent Becker College. The Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications is charged with telling the story of Becker College, a community composed of diverse individuals, programs, initiatives, but with a common purpose.

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications develops and oversees media relations strategies and initiatives to build a positive presence for Becker College in the media, as well as through its own print and electronic publications and social media channels. The Office serves as the point of contact with media; arranges media interviews with faculty, staff, and students; pitches stories to the media; responds to media requests for expert commentary; serves as liaison to local, national, and international media outlets; publicizes and promotes campus events open to the public; produces press releases, statements, talking points, and opinion pieces; maintains primary social media presence, and identifies internal and external issues that have the potential to generate public interest in the College. All media inquiries and opportunities should be routed through the Office.

Do you have a story idea? See links below for helpful information.

Contact: Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu

Working with the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications

Tips for working with us, publicity and promotion, how to get the word out, working with the media.

See Resources for helpful tools and forms.

Getting the Word Out: Editorial Policies for:


Press advisory – When requesting press coverage of an event. Not intended to be published. Provides the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why. Uses a compelling headline.
Press release – Facts for external publishing: announcements, event details, appointments. Should be 100 percent publishable. Include photo when possible.


Twitter – Primary audience is media, companies, organizations. Students and families are a smaller audience. Short illustrations of strategic messages. Promotion of initiatives that align with Becker mission/brand.
Twitter (@DrNancyCrimmin) – Demonstrates the President’s thought leadership.
Facebook – Our news channels; cover what is happening.
Instagram – Illustrates campus life, student engagement, some event coverage.


Website – Does it support enrollment and retention, fundraising, or enhance brand.
Highlight – High profile announcement.
Home page slide – Promotes Becker and its current initiatives.


All Campus Email: Substantive non-emergency communication of interest to campus community emailed to faculty and staff (campus distribution list) and/or students (student distribution lists). May be sent by president’s office or other administrative office (requires approval from appropriate vice president). Communications to Board of Trustees, Corporators, Alumni Board are sent by President’s Office (For emergency notifications, see Emergency Operations Plan).
Daily Announcements – A compilation of announcements about Becker people, news, and events, to keep faculty and staff informed. Announcements must be approved by the appropriate vice president and marketing, prior to distribution. Emailed daily during the academic year and weekly during the summer by Lauren Christy.
Headlines & Headliners – Becker College in the news. Compilation of published news stories about Becker and its people, programs, and initiatives.
Becker Buzz – Targeted to students, distributed by Campus Activities and Student Leadership (CASL)

Public Relations

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications is responsible for communications about the College’s vision, mission, core values, initiatives and more to various internal and external constituencies, including the community, news media, to develop greater awareness about and support for the College. See Resources for helpful tools and forms.

Contact: Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu Anne Sroka,508.373.1905, anne.sroka@becker.edu.

Photography and Videography

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications determines if a staff member is available to take photographs or if a photographer will need to be hired. To request photography services, contact Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu

The Office arranges videography that supports major enrollment, advancement, and institutional visibility initiatives, and major College events. To discuss videography services and costs, contact Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu

NOTE: Becker College owns all photographs and videography of students, faculty, staff, and adult members of the public taken at Becker College events, and reserves the right to use such media for College promotional materials, both digital and print.
Image Release Consent Forms are not required for Becker students (who have given consent previously) or faculty and staff, as it is considered an obligation of their employment. However, Image Release Consent Forms are required of non-Becker affiliated individuals. No photography and/or videography of minors can be taken or used without prior agreement through an Image Release Consent Form – Children.

Publications, print and electronic

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications manages major communications projects including the President’s Report, recruitment publications, top-level brochures, Becker Magazine, and the College website. Some College publications, such as the College Catalog, are managed in by other departments. For more information, contact Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu.

Becker College Publications

Major publications are available in print or on the web in PDF Format.
To request printed versions of current publications, contact:

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications, marketing@becker.edu
The Office of Admissions

To view PDFs, you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy, visit the Adobe downloads page and choose “Adobe Reader DC” under the downloads area (on the right).

President’s Reports (2013-2017)
Becker College Catalog
Becker Bridges Magazine
Becker College Student Handbook
Becker Magazine, coming Summer 2017!

Social Media

The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications maintains and oversees an official Becker College presence on a number of social media sites. Social media present opportunities for the College’s departments and programs to drive interest in and engagement with their respective areas. Read the Social Media Guidelines or for assistance in developing and maintaining a social media presence, contact: Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu


Any vendor creating merchandise (apparel, bags, writing utensils, mugs, etc.) bearing official Becker College marks (College seal, College logo, and athletics logo), whether for use through on-campus departments or organizations or for third party vendors to sell, must receive approval from the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications before placing the College’s protected names or artwork on any merchandise. Third party vendors and others cannot alter the College’s marks in any way.
Contact: Judy-Tonelli-Brown, 508.373.9719, Judith.tonelli-brown@becker.edu.


The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications oversees and maintains the Becker College website, in collaboration with other College departments and staff. It manages the upper-level pages, provides guidance to those who have been identified as content updaters, and reviews content so to reflect accurate and consistent information, and works with the Web Team and others to prioritize projects.

At present, the College uses a Website Update Request Work Order to request minor updates and changes to the website.

Web Planning Form
What to consider when planning a webpage.

Website Management

Additional training and information will be provided for Web Content Updaters, starting in April. In the meantime, content updaters may seek assistance during Open Office Hours, or by contacting Carolyn Assa, 508.373.9534, carolyn.assa@becker.edu

To report a problem or submit feedback about the Becker College website, use this Web Feedback Form.


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