Three weeks before the last day of class students will receive course evaluation invitations in their Canvas account inbox.  Please discuss the value of student feedback on course evaluations and the basic information below:

  • Purpose: Course evaluations provide valuable student feedback for faculty to improve instruction and course offerings.
  • Confidentiality:  Instructors CANNOT identify or associate individual students with responses.
  • Deadline: Course Evaluations close on the last day of class.
  • Incentives:
    • Lists of students who complete course evaluations will not be given to faculty due to the confidential nature of the course evaluation process.  If you would like to encourage participation by incentivizing the process, you may offer extra credit based on the response rate.  The list of response rates will be made available during the week of final exams for you to incorporate the extra credit.  For example you may do the following:  If 70% or more of the class participates, the whole class will get ___ point(s) in extra credit.
  • Process:  Complete a separate 10-question survey for each lecture, lab, clinical, etc.
    • Becker Email Option: All students receive separate emails for each section with a link they can click on to access the evaluation. If the course has more than 2 instructors students may choose to indicate the name of the instructor they are evaluating in the comments.

In-class and Canvas access to course evaluations
Instructors are encouraged to provide 5-10 minutes during class for students to complete course evaluations on their smart phone or other electronic device.   Providing this opportunity will dramatically improve response rates.

NOTE: The Nursing department handles their own course evaluation emails and reminders.  Accelerated students receive evaluations on a different schedule.

If you have questions, please contact