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Curriculum Maps

Linking student learning outcomes to the curriculum

A curriculum map is an assessment tool that tracks what is being taught and where. It aims to ensure that student learning outcomes are logically sequenced across courses so that students progressively learn the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for more challenging and higher-level work. Mapping the intended student learning outcomes (SLOs) against the curriculum can help faculty identify gaps (SLOs that are addressed by only a few courses), redundancies (SLOs addressed by too many courses), and misalignments (SLOs development is not progressive) for purposes of improving the overall coherence of a program.

August 2017 Faculty Workshop

Curriculum Map Templates

Download the May 2017 Curriculum Map for your department.
Each assessment level in the department has its own worksheet/tab.  Edit each worksheet as needed.
Please use the Curriculum Map Guidelines to complete the template.
Map the Major/Program SLOs to the courses and then map the General Education SLOs to the courses.
The 2017-2018 Templates are available as a reference for new programs.
When complete please email the updated 2017-2018 curriculum map to assessment@becker.edu.
Updated 2017-2018 Curriculum Maps will be posted online for the January 2018 Faculty Workshops

School of Nursing and Behavioral Sciences (SNBS)

 Departments  2017-2018 Templates May 2017
 Community Health and Wellness Education N/A
 Criminal Justice
 Exercise Science
Mental Health Counseling
 Nursing N/A

School of Design and Technology (SDTC)

 Departments  2017-2018 Templates May 2017
Applied Computer Science N/A

Note: The mathematics curriculum map is located in the General Education Curriculum Map template below.

School of Animal Studies and Natural Sciences (SANS)

 Departments  2017-2018 Templates May 2017
 Animal Studies
 Natural Science

Division of Humanities (DivH)

 Departments  2017-2018 Templates May 2017
 Agile Mindset & CORE Curriculum
 Humanities & Languages
  • Global Citizenship
  • Liberal Arts

General Education

2017-2018 Template

May 2017

NOTE: Curriculum maps are also located on the L drive > Academic and Student Affairs > Educational Effectiveness > Assessment – Evidence Repository > (select year of interest) > Curriculum Maps