Trina Baker

Trina Baker

Inside Becker College, Trina Baker is an adjunct instructor and former director of the Becker College Equestrian Center. She increased riding program enrollment; designed a community outreach program for at-risk Worcester students; developed a community riding program, Interscholastic Riding Team, and boarding program; designed programs that introduce grade school students to horse care and riding; and organized and managed the annual Becker College horse show.

Outside Becker College, Trina has an appreciation for and extensive background in the arts.


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Trina earned a master of fine arts degree with a concentration in painting and animation from the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a bachelor of fine arts degree with a concentration in painting from Maine College of Art and a bachelor of arts in studio art with a printmaking focus from Mount Holyoke College.

She’s held a number of teaching positions at art centers, studios, colleges and universities, high schools, summer programs, and workshops.

Trina’s personal portfolio is deeply rooted in her family history, life experiences, and the challenges that have shaped her.

She describes much of her work as a “satirical memoir told as fiction.” Lessons are learned through metaphors in her art. The characters and stories carry messages stemming from the real-world, which are then reconfigured and beautifully presented in a variety of mediums.

The use of mixed-media is one of her staples as an artist. Her signature is the “pop-up” book—a three-dimensional or movable book—which has been showcased in exhibitions and galleries across the country. “A pop-up book allows me to mix painting with animation; illustration with graphic design,” she says.

The practice stemmed from a project in graduate school where she created a giant, interactive board game equipped with movable characters. The characters developed personalities and back-stories—stories which continued to develop after graduation. She enjoyed the game’s interactive nature and use of multiple senses.

Since then, Trina has used similar principles in creating pop-ups, tunnel books (a set of pages bound with two folded concertina strips on each side and viewed through a hole in the cover), and volvelles (paper constructions with rotating parts). She also uses flaps, pull-tabs, pop-outs, and pull-downs.  The different styles are used to illustrate a story, be it a children’s book or a wedding invitation.

Some of her work is actually made to look like a children’s book, but speaks to a more sophisticated audience. “They can help bring you to a similar place as when you were a kid,” she explains.

“I’ll be working on them my whole life,” she says of the pop-ups. While the intricacy is astounding, Trina says that, “making them is actually quite peaceful for me.”

Beyond pop-ups, her art often uses animals, including horses, as the primary model. Trina’s works include Claymation, oil paintings, sketches, and print-making.

Trina has been able to meld her two passions in life, horses and art, into a career; she still finds time to focus on her art and create truly inspired pieces.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA, “Inspired by Horses”, Dana Hall Art Gallery (2006)
  • The Fenn School, Concord, MA, “Tulip Show”, The Kane Gallery (2005)
  • Governor’s Academy, Byfield, MA, “Mostly Horses”, The Remis Lobby Gallery (2004)
  • The New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH, “Tulip, I Remember”, Galletly Gallery (2003)
  • Artspace Maynard, Maynard, MA, “The Seika Show”, Artspace Maynard Gallery (2003)
  • Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord, MA, “New Works”, Blanchard Trust Gallery (2001)
  • Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord, MA, “Time Away”, Blanchard Trust Gallery (1999)
  • Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord, MA, “Family Portraits, and Other Paintings”, Blanchard Trust Gallery (1997)

Selected Group Exhibition

  • Governor’s Academy, Byfield, MA, Kaiser Art Gallery, “Faculty Art show” (2004-06)
  • Cyclorama, Boston, MA, “Animals In Art”, an exhibition for MSPCA’s Angell Memorial (1999)
  • Concord Art Association, Concord, MA, “Artist’s Invitational” (1999)
  • Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord, MA, “Tenants Group Exhibition”, Blanchard Trust Gallery (1996-99)